Ella Fitzgerald Barbie Diorama

Name: Ella Fitzgerald Diorama Made by and When: Laila Johnson, 2021 Description: Laila Johnson collects Barbies and creates dioramas for them. She began making doll dioramas because she wants her dolls to have their own space to reflect their personality. Johnson built and designed this diorama especially for the Ella Fitzgerald Barbie. She made theContinue reading “Ella Fitzgerald Barbie Diorama”

Ella Fitzgerald

Name: Ella Fitzgerald  Made by and When: Floyd Bell, 1999 Material:  Carved from basswood and jetulong, cloth body, wire armature, wooden stand Height:  18 inches tall Hair/Eyes/Mouth:  Black hair carved from a block of jetulong wood/carved facial features with brown eyes, a smiling mouth and painted teeth Clothing:  White brocade suit with full-length skirt embellishedContinue reading “Ella Fitzgerald”

Ella Fitzgerald Barbie

Name: Ella Fitzgerald Barbie Made by and When: Mattel, 2019 Material: Articulated vinyl Height: 11-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black rooted hair in an elegant upswept style with bangs/brown painted eyes, painted eyelashes/slightly parted wine painted lips Clothes: Purple full-length gown has silver shimmery accents and purple tulle at the collar and sleeves.  A white broach accentsContinue reading “Ella Fitzgerald Barbie”