Antique Sock Doll

Name: Sock Doll Made by and When: Unknown, pre-1940s Material: Black cotton sock, stuffing, embroidery thread Marks: None Height: 13 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: No hair; white embroidery thread creates almond-shaped eyes; two dots of red embroidery thread create the nose, and red embroidery thread forms the outline of an open mouth. Clothes: Black cottonContinue reading “Antique Sock Doll”

Boudoir Souvenir Doll Miss Haiti

Name: Boudoir Souvenir Doll Miss Haiti Made by and When: Unknown, ca 1940s Material: Heavy celluloid head and breast plate; straw-stuffed body, arms, and legs with a mature bosom Marks: Unmarked Height: 30 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted black hair/painted black irises with a brown dot that highlights each pupil/closed red lips Clothes: Sewn-on island-style, full-length yellow/gold/green/orange-printContinue reading “Boudoir Souvenir Doll Miss Haiti”

Jitterbug Lou

Name: Jitterbug Lou Made by and When: Blossom Doll Company, circa 1930s Material: Cloth, yarn Marks: The front of the original tag reads, “This doll combines artistic styling and finest workmanship. A Blossom Doll Creation.” The back of the tag reads, “My Name Is Jitterbug Lou.” (Jitterbug Lou is stamped diagonally underneath “My Name Is”)Continue reading “Jitterbug Lou”

Character Dolls by Rosa Wilder Blackman

Photographs courtesy of B. W. Flowers Name: Folk Art Character Dolls by Rosa Wilder Blackman Made by and When: Rosa Wilder Blackman, 1941 to approximately 1951 Material: 1st Generation dolls have molded clay heads, hands and shoes; padded cloth bodies over a wire armature. Cloth was used for the hands and shoes of later generationContinue reading “Character Dolls by Rosa Wilder Blackman”

Understanding African American History Through the Eyes of Dolls

Name: Understanding African American History Through the Eyes of Dolls – A Communicator for the Past and Present Description: Sneha Sureshkumar was a 10th grader at the time she conducted extensive research for the documentary “Understanding African American History Through the Eyes of Dolls.” Her research and the resulting documentary were part of her state’sContinue reading “Understanding African American History Through the Eyes of Dolls”

Antique Art Dolls by Jumeau

This video, published on YouTube on June 15, 2018, to celebrate World Doll Day, explores the antique art dolls by Jumeau. A diverse range of dolls representing people from Africa and other countries is included. Jumeau was a French doll company that designed dolls dating back to the 1840s. Enjoy. If you subscribe to DeeBeeGee’sContinue reading “Antique Art Dolls by Jumeau”

German Bisque Handwerck Halbig Cabinet Doll

Photographs and description courtesy of Sandra Bradford-Jennings Name: German Bisque Open-Mouth Girl Doll Made by and When: Handwerck (artist); Handwerck Halbig (manufacturer); 1910 Material: Light brown tinted bisque head; fully jointed wood and composition body Marks: HANDWERCK HALBIG GERMANY 0 1/2″ (on the head; see gallery image of head marks) Height: 15-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: OriginalContinue reading “German Bisque Handwerck Halbig Cabinet Doll”

Celluloid Boy

Photographs courtesy of Telisa Spain Name: Celluloid Boy Made by and When: Unknown French maker, early 1900s Material: Celluloid Marks: France (on head) with an indiscernible number beneath Height: 13 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted straight black hair/painted brown eyes/closed mouth with painted red lips Clothes: Dressed in a tan velour shirt with four buttons in theContinue reading “Celluloid Boy”

Norah Wellings Nassau Souvenir Doll

Name: Nassau, Bahamas Souvenir South Islander Doll Made by and When: Norah Wellings/1930s Material: Stuffed velvet and velvet over a sculpted face, jointed neck Marks: Black cloth tag on back-right side of neck reads NASSAU; black cloth right foot tag reads MADE IN ENGLAND/BY/NORAH WELLINGS. Height: 14 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Short curly brown mohair wig/brown glassContinue reading “Norah Wellings Nassau Souvenir Doll”