Topsy Dolls

From the early-1900s through the 1960s, many doll companies chose the name, Topsy, for Black dolls and incorporated a minimum of three braids or tufts of hair on the dolls’ heads in an effort to portray the character in #UncleTomsCabin. #Topsy #Topsydolls

Claudette Colvin Tribute Doll

A tribute doll to Claudette Colvin who at age 15 was arrested for not giving her bus seat to a white woman in Birmingham, AL. #Jimcrowera, #segregatedsouth #civilrights #blackhistory

Julia Paper Dolls

Paper doll books of #DiahannCarroll’s role as Julia, the first American TV show to feature an African American woman in a non-stereotypical role #Julia #blackhistory