Name: Olympia Made by and When: Leasa “Tutu” Souza, 2021 Material: Papier-mâché head with painted composition arms and legs, and a cloth body Marks: Tutu (on the back) Height: 21 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Texturized papier-mâché black hair with curls in the front, brown glass eyes from Germany, pouty down-turned mouth with three tears streamingContinue reading “Olympia”

Bleuette (Antique Reproduction)

Name: Bleuette (Antique Reproduction) Made by and When: Goldie Wilson, 2018 Material: Bisque head, multi-articulated, string-jointed, painted wooden body Marks: Unmarked Height: 11 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Hand-made spiral curled black wig, brown stationary eyes, open/closed mouth with molded teeth area Clothes: Wears permanently attached pearl earrings and necklace, a lacy fascinator-style hat with floralContinue reading “Bleuette (Antique Reproduction)”

Antique Reproduction Automaton

Name: Antique Reproduction Bru Desiree Automaton Musical Doll Made by and When: Goldie Wilson, 2021 Material: Porcelain head, composition body Marks and Mold Information: 1997-S671M – Desiree, Lady in Lace Height: The doll is 18 inches; the stacked wooden base measures 8 x 8 x 3-1/2 inches. Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Handmade black spiral curled wig,Continue reading “Antique Reproduction Automaton”

1980 Black Barbie Reproduction

Name: My Favorite Barbie 1980 Black Barbie Reproduction Made by and When: Mattel, 2009 (released in 2010) Material: Vinyl Marks: Unknown (doll remains attached to box liner) Height: 11-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black Afro/brown painted eyes/red painted pursed lips Clothes: Red two-piece shimmery top and skirt. The skirt is longer than the first Black Barbie’s skirt.Continue reading “1980 Black Barbie Reproduction”

Bonnie Lou, Benji, and So-Sleepy

Photographs courtesy of Karen Kilburn Name: Bonnie Lou and Benji with Reproduction So-Sleepy Made by and When: Terri Lee, 1950s and circa 1990s Material: Hard plastic (Bonnie Lou and Benji); vinyl and cloth (So-Sleepy) Marks: Terri Lee Patent Pending (Bonnie Lou and Benji) Height: Bonnie Lou and Benji are 16 inches tall; So Sleepy isContinue reading “Bonnie Lou, Benji, and So-Sleepy”