Ikoku Fertility Dolls

(Photographs and information are courtesy of a museum benefactor.) Name:  Ikoku Fertility Dolls (Ngide) from the Turkana people of Northwestern Kenya Made by and When:  Regional handicraft for the tourist trade in Kenya; date unknown Material:  Unjointed carved wood figures with leather and bead work Marks:  None Height:  17- and 14 inches, respectively Hair, Eyes,Continue reading “Ikoku Fertility Dolls”

African Man

Name: African Man Made by and When: Possibly German, late-1800s to early-1900s Material: Form of papier-mâché or plaster composition, jointed at shoulders and hips Marks: None Height: 9 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: The hair is Astrakhan or mohair with a curly nap; brown eyes and mouth are painted. Clothes: Original fur strip around the hips;Continue reading “African Man”

Haitian or Jamaican Souvenir Dolls

(Photos and information are courtesy of a museum benefactor.) Name:  Caribbean Dolls of Haitian or Jamaican Origin Made by and When:  Exact source unknown, but handmade for the Caribbean tourist trade, likely between the world wars Material:  Wood Marks:  None Height:  9 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth:  While there are no wigs, the three women haveContinue reading “Haitian or Jamaican Souvenir Dolls”

Princess Tiana Dolls

Name: Princess Tiana Dolls Various Makers Made by and When: Licensed by Disney for Funko, Hasbro, Jakks Pacific, Mattel, Robert Tonner; made between 2009-2021 Material: A mixture of all vinyl, vinyl and cloth, or resin Height: Sizes range from 3 inches to 18 inches tall. Hair, Eyes, Mouth: The smallest dolls and ornament have moldedContinue reading “Princess Tiana Dolls”

Roddy Fashion Dolls

Name: Two Roddy Fashion Dolls Made by and When: Roddy, 1960s Material: Soft and rigid vinyl (face and arms are soft; body is rigid). Marks: Roddy (on the back of the head) Height: 24 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black bubble cut hair, amber sleep eyes with upper eyelashes attached to eyelids, closed mouth Clothes: DollContinue reading “Roddy Fashion Dolls”


Name: Bessie Made by and When: Sebino, 1977 (possibly released in 1978; the brochure has a copyright year of 1978). Material: Vinyl Marks: (Head) SEBINO ©77 / MADE IN ITALY (Upper Back) “Sebino Logo” / SEBINO Height: 11-1/2 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black rooted hair styled in a bubble cut, brown painted eyes, closed mouthContinue reading “Bessie”

Papier-Mâché Doll “Marietta”

Name: “Marietta” Made by and When: Marietta Myers, 1989 Material: Papier-mâché head, shoulder plate, lower arms, and legs from the knees to the feet; stuffed brown cloth body, upper arms, and upper legs. Marks: Signed, Marietta/Myers/89 (on head) Height: 21 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted painted black cornrows/painted brown eyes/open mouth with six separate upper teeth Clothes:Continue reading “Papier-Mâché Doll “Marietta””

SFBJ Unis France Doll

Name: SFBJ Unis France Doll Made by and When: Societe Francaise de Fabrication de Bebes et Jouets (SFBJ) of Unis France, circa 1910 Material: Bisque and composition Marks: Unis France 60 (on head) Height: 8-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black mohair wig/black glass stationary eyes/open mouth with four teeth and red lip color Clothes: Multicolored, sewn-on island-styleContinue reading “SFBJ Unis France Doll”

1940s Mask Face Cloth Doll

Name: Mask Face Cloth Doll Made by and When: Unknown maker, circa 1940s Material: Stuffed black twill for the face and black cotton for the limbs and body; the material under the face is firm, possibly made of plastic. Marks: Unmarked Height: 11 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black plush material, black painted eye’s glance toContinue reading “1940s Mask Face Cloth Doll”

Emmy by Corolle

Name: Emmy Made by and When: Catherine Refabert for Corolle, S.A. manufactured for Timeless Creations the Collectible/Specialty Doll Division of Mattel, Inc., 1992 Material: Vinyl with matching brown cloth body Marks: (On head) 89/54 [over] L2015; (on back, body tag #1) COROLLE- Made in France/bébé/baby-doll/42 cm – 16.8 inches/ALL NEW MATERIALS/100% POLYESTER FIBER/REG No S.P.A.Continue reading “Emmy by Corolle”