Doll Diorama Tribute to Ruth Manning

Name: Doll Diorama Tribute to Ruth Manning Made by and When: Debbie Garrett, 2012 Description: This diorama (a model representing a scene with three-dimensional objects) was created in tribute to doll enthusiast, Ruth Manning, who lost her battle with cancer in 2012. The diorama is fashioned after a photo of Ruth that was taken inContinue reading “Doll Diorama Tribute to Ruth Manning”

Jean-Michel Basquiat X Barbie

Name: Jean-Michel Basquiat X Barbie Made by and When: Mattel, ©2019, released in 2020 Material: Articulated vinyl Height: 11-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth/Other: Black synthetic fibers were used for the hair that is styled in four sections of microbraids/brown painted eyes with blue eyeshadow and painted upper eyelashes/closed mouth with dark lip color/painted blue fingernails. Clothes: DressedContinue reading “Jean-Michel Basquiat X Barbie”

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie

Name: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie and Diorama Made by and When: Mattel, 2008 Material: Multiarticulated vinyl Marks: TM/©2001/MATTEL, INC. (on the head), 2798 (on left side of lower back), ©2006 Mattel, Inc./INDONESIA (on right buttock) Height: 11-1/2 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Rooted black hair pulled up to form a short Afro puff/brown paintedContinue reading “Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie”

So In Style Dolls (First Wave)

Name: So in Style (S.I.S.) Two-Doll Themed Sets Made by and When: Mattel, 2009 Material: Vinyl Height: 11-1/2 and 5 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: All dolls have rooted hair with painted eyes and smiling mouths. Grace and Courtney have brunette ponytails with bangs. Kara has auburn hair styled in two side ponytails; Kianna is blonde with twoContinue reading “So In Style Dolls (First Wave)”

AKA Centennial Barbie

Name: AKA Centennial Barbie Made by and When: Mattel, 2008 (designed by Stacey McBride-Irby) Material: Vinyl Height: 11-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Brown rooted upswept hairdo with sideswept bangs/brown painted eyes/closed mouth Clothes: Sleeveless salmon pink gown has gold trim crisscrossing the bodice and around the waist. Apple green diamond-shaped fabric centers the bodice and flows downContinue reading “AKA Centennial Barbie”

Byron Lars In the Limelight Barbie

Photographs courtesy of Telisa Spain Name: In the Limelight Barbie Made by and When: Mattel, 1997 Material: Vinyl Height: 11-1/2 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black rooted hair styled up in an array of curls, brown painted eyes, closed smiling mouth Clothes: This doll wears a velvety gown of rich chocolate brown that is boldly accentedContinue reading “Byron Lars In the Limelight Barbie”

Shani and Friends Video

Please enjoy The Marvelous World of Shani: Mattel’s First “Ethnically Correct” Black Dolls video below. Tidbits and detailed history of the Shani line and other Black friends of Barbie throughout the past four decades are discussed and illustrated. _________ Your comments are valued. Donations aid the initiative to preserve Black-doll history.  If you subscribe to DeeBeeGee’sContinue reading “Shani and Friends Video”

Shani and Friends Soul Train Dolls

Name: Soul Train Shani, Asha, Jamal, and Nichelle Made by and When: Mattel, 1993 Material: Vinyl Height: 11-1/2 inches (Shani, Asha, and Nichelle) and 12 inches (Jamal) Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Shani and Nichelle have rooted long black hair; Asha has auburn rooted hair. Jamal has sculpted black hair/painted brown eyes/smiling mouths with painted appearance of teeth. Clothes:Continue reading “Shani and Friends Soul Train Dolls”