Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, and the White Rabbit

Name: Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit (Special Ultra-Limited Edition Boxed Set) and separately-sold upgraded Alice in Wonderland Made by and When: Goldie Wilson, 2020 Material: Porcelain with brown cloth bodies (the dolls); white felt and fabric (the White Rabbit) Marks: Signed and dated by the artist Height: 14 inches (the dolls) and 9-1/2Continue reading “Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, and the White Rabbit”

Alice in Wonderland Souvenir Doll

Name: Alice in Wonderland Maryland Society of Doll Collectors 2020 Luncheon Souvenir Doll Made by and When: Goldie Wilson, 2020 Material: Porcelain with brown cloth body Marks: Signed and dated by the artist Height: 14 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Handmade black wig with long spiral curls in the back/brown stationary eyes, hand-painted eyebrows and eyelashes /closed mouthContinue reading “Alice in Wonderland Souvenir Doll”

Smiling Beautiful Debbie

Name: Smiling Beautiful Debbie Made by and When: Woelfert-Puppen, 2013 Material: Vinyl, jointed at the head, shoulders, hips, legs, and knees Height: 33-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black handmade wavy mid-back-length human hair wig with a side part/brown hand-blown glass eyes from Lauscha (a town in the district of Sonneberg, in Thuringia, Germany)/open smile with separately moldedContinue reading “Smiling Beautiful Debbie”


Name: Carolyn Made by and When: Carolynne White, 1998 Material: Paper clay (head and shoulder plate), cloth body, arms, and legs with wired armature in the arms; pulpboard and wire for the doll stand Marks: Carolyn/©1994/1998/Caron Enterprises Height: 37 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Synthetic handmade wig has multiple braids/brown painted eyes/closed mouth Clothes/Accessories: Wears multicolored short-sleeve dressContinue reading “Carolyn”

Cernit Dolls by Sarah Niemela

Name: Dolls by Sarah Niemela (Aisha, a doll with a doll, and Tinashe*) Made by and When: Sarah Niemela, 2001 Material: Cernit (a modeling clay) Marks: Hand-signed by the artist with the year made on a signature strip attached to their waist in the back Height: 8 inches (unjointed) Hair, Eyes, Mouth: The artist usedContinue reading “Cernit Dolls by Sarah Niemela”

Nalah and Rudy by Lorna Miller (Sands)

Name: Nalah and Rudy Made by and When: Lorna Miller (Sands), early-to-mid 1990s Material: Super Sculpey or mixed media reinforced with steel and cloth for Nalah’s rag doll Marks: The taller doll is clearly marked Nalah Toridan with a trademark on the back of the neck. The smaller doll is marked on the back ofContinue reading “Nalah and Rudy by Lorna Miller (Sands)”

Antique Art Dolls by Jumeau

This video, published on YouTube on June 15, 2018, to celebrate World Doll Day, explores the antique art dolls by Jumeau. A diverse range of dolls representing people from Africa and other countries is included. Jumeau was a French doll company that designed dolls dating back to the 1840s. Enjoy. _________ Your comments are valued.Continue reading “Antique Art Dolls by Jumeau”

German Bisque Handwerck Halbig Cabinet Doll

Photographs and description courtesy of Sandra Bradford-Jennings Name: German Bisque Open-Mouth Girl Doll Made by and When: Handwerck (artist); Handwerck Halbig (manufacturer); 1910 Material: Light brown tinted bisque head; fully jointed wood and composition body Marks: HANDWERCK HALBIG GERMANY 0 1/2″ (on the head; see gallery image of head marks) Height: 15-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: OriginalContinue reading “German Bisque Handwerck Halbig Cabinet Doll”

Celluloid Boy

Photographs courtesy of Telisa Spain Name: Celluloid Boy Made by and When: Unknown French maker, early 1900s Material: Celluloid Marks: France (on head) with an indiscernible number beneath Height: 13 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted straight black hair/painted brown eyes/closed mouth with painted red lips Clothes: Dressed in a tan velour shirt with four buttons in theContinue reading “Celluloid Boy”


Name: Emmet Made by and When: Starkey’s Daughter Cloth Dolls, 2018 Material: Wool-blend (face, arms, and legs); cotton-blend (head and torso); all stuffed with polyfil Marks: Signed and dated by the artist Height: 20 inches (without the hat) 22 inches (with the hat) Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Dark brown fleece hair/painted facial features with light brown eyes, smilingContinue reading “Emmet”