Talking Flip Wilson/Geraldine

Talking Flip Wilson doll by Shindana Toys, Inc., 1970 is two dolls in one. His character, Geraldine, is the “flip” side. #Shindanadolls #Talkingdolls #Flipwilson #blackdoll #portraitdolls #celebritydolls

Why Do You Have Black Dolls?

Filmed in 2012, the award-winning short documentary Why Do You Have Black Dolls? by Samantha Knowles explores why children and adults desire Black dolls. Doll artists, collectors, a museum curator, and other Black-doll enthusiasts were interviewed for this project. Read more about the young filmmaker, Samantha Knowles here. _________ Your comments are valued. Donations aid theContinue reading “Why Do You Have Black Dolls?”

Paper Doll Sheets from Swedish Publications

Name: Paper Doll Sheets from Hemmets Journal, Hemmets Veckotidning, and Aret Runt Made by and When: Illustrated by different artists in 1962, 1966, 1968, 1973, 1976, 1978, and 1981-1986 Material: Paper Height: Paper dolls are of various heights Hair, Eyes, Mouth, Clothes: Artists’ renderings Other: The illustrations in the narrated video are courtesy of K.Continue reading “Paper Doll Sheets from Swedish Publications”

Carved Wood Dolls by Floyd Bell

Name: Carved Wood Dolls by Floyd Bell – 1978 to the present About the Artist: Floyd Bell, a master carver and former woodshop instructor, delights in carving wooden dolls. A peg-jointed Victorian-style doll became his first doll in 1978 while attempting to illustrate to his students that something beautiful could be carved from wood. MadeContinue reading “Carved Wood Dolls by Floyd Bell”