Happy Anniversary!

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, on January 17, 2021, one year ago today, DeeBeeGee’s Virtual Black Doll Museum was founded. During that time, brick-and-mortar museums and other facilities for the arts, education, and entertainment were closed to the public. The founder of the virtual Black doll museum recognized the need for a site for theContinue reading “Happy Anniversary!”

In the Press

On December 22, 2021, the founder/curator of DeeBeeGee’s Virtual Black Doll Museum was interviewed by Stephanie Gaines-Bryant of WTOP radio in Washington, D.C. The interview is published in the January 3, 2022, article, “Woman creates virtual Black doll museum.“ Thank you, WTOP radio and specifically Stephanie Gaines-Bryant for the spotlight given to DeeBeeGee’s Virtual BlackContinue reading “In the Press”

Poppen & Teddy-Beer Museum Article #1

An article about antique dolls installed in DeeBeeGee’s Virtual Black Doll Museum is in the Winter 2021 issue of Poppen & Teddy-Beer, which is distributed in the Netherlands and printed in Dutch. Jolie van der Klis, a contributing writer for the magazine, shared photos of the magazine cover, the table of contents, and the pages ofContinue reading “Poppen & Teddy-Beer Museum Article #1”


The curator’s personal blog, Black Doll Collecting, has maintained the #2 spot on the Top 70 Doll Blogs and Websites to Follow since the list was created and hosted by Feedspot several years ago. A congratulatory email dated, July 5, 2021, from Anu Argawal, the founder of Feedspot, informed the curator that DeeBeeGee’s Virtual Black Doll Museum™ isContinue reading “Announcement”