Cabbage Patch Talking Kids

Name:  Cabbage Patch Talking Kids

Made by and When:  Coleco, 1987

Material:  Soft vinyl heads; soft-sculptured bodies, arms, hands, and feet

Marks: Green Xavier Roberts’s signature is on the left buttocks.

The head of the doll in the orange dress is marked: ©1978, 1983, O.A.A., Inc. / T9.

The head of the doll in the green dress is marked: T8 / ©1978, 1983, O.A.A., Inc.  This doll has a dimpled right cheek.

Their body tags read, ©1987 Cabbage Patch Kids® / Original Appalachian Art Works, Inc. / (P) 1987 Original Appalachian Art Works, Inc. / Manufactured for / Fabrique Pour / Coleco Industries, Inc. / Amsterdam, NY 12010 U.S.A. / Assembled in China / Assemble en Chine / Reg No. PA-1044 (Care instructions are under this.)

Height: 18 inches

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Both have dark brown rooted hair. The doll in orange has bangs and long straight hair. The doll in green has curly bangs and two curly side ponytails adorned with pink ribbons. They both have brown decal eyes and open mouths. The doll in the orange dress has a half-moon-shaped mouth opening. The mouth opening of the doll in green is straight.

Clothes: One wears an orange dress with orange panties, replaced white socks, and white vinyl Cabbage Patch Kids shoes. The original shoes were probably Mary Janes. The other doll is all original in a mint green dress with a white eyelet-trimmed collar and sleeves, a white eyelet-trimmed pinafore, white tights, and white patent-leather Mary-Jane-style shoes. Hang tags and “magic cups” were included with the dolls.

Other: Introduced in 1987 as the first Cabbage Patch Kids that talk, the dolls’ mouths and cheeks move when they speak. A “magic” cup programs the voice. The dolls can communicate with each other or with a person by saying a variety of things and giving a variety of demands (kiss my cheek) as demonstrated in the Cabbage Patch Talking Kids commercial below the gallery photographs. Four AA batteries and one 9-volt battery are required for each.  


Cabbage Patch Talking Kids Commercial features a young Tatyana Ali (of Fresh Prince fame) and one of her sisters.


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