Li’l David and Li’l Ruthie 1st Anatomically-Correct Dolls

Name: New Arrival Li’l David and Li’l Ruthie Made by and When: Sculpted by Irene Szor for Horsman, 1975 Material: Vinyl heads, stuffed vinyl one-piece bodies Marks: 1/Horsman Dolls, Inc/19©75 (Lil’l David); 1/Horsman Dolls, Inc/19©75 (Li’l Ruthie) Height: 13-1/2 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Painted brown hair, painted brown eyes, drinker mouths Clothes: Li’l David wearsContinue reading “Li’l David and Li’l Ruthie 1st Anatomically-Correct Dolls”


Name: Bingo Made by and When: Horsman, 1910 Material: Composition head; brown velvet body, arms and legs; fingerless paw-like hands Marks: EIH © 1910 Height: 13 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Only traces of black painted hair remain/painted brown eyes/open mouth with molded tongue Clothes: Redressed in a blue romper that has a red collar and red cuffsContinue reading “Bingo”