Mina by Leo Moss

Name: Mina Made by and When: Leo Moss, 1903 Material: Papier-mâché shoulder head with composition arms and legs, and a brown cloth body Marks: MINA (incised into the front of the shoulder plate), LEO MOSS / 1903 (incised into the back of the head) Height: 22 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Molded, texturized hair; medium brownContinue reading “Mina by Leo Moss”

Kestner #245 Hilda

Name: Kestner #245 Hilda Made by and When: J. D. Kestner, 1914 Material: Brown bisque socket head on brown fully-jointed composition slant hip toddler body Marks: G Made in / 11.Germany / 245 / JDK JR 1914 / CM circle / Hilda Height: 17 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Original plaster pate black wig, brown glassContinue reading “Kestner #245 Hilda”

Bye-Lo Baby

Name: Antique German Bisque Head Bye-Lo Baby Made by and When: Grace S. Putnam, ca. 1922 Material: Bisque head, brown cloth “frog” body, composition hands Marks: The head is marked COPR. BY GRACE S. PUTNAM GERMANY Height: 11 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Painted black hair, brown glass stationary eyes with painted upper and lower eyelashes,Continue reading “Bye-Lo Baby”

Armand Marseille #362

Name: Armand Marseille #362 Made by and When: Armand Marseille, 1920s Material: Bisque head with composition body Marks: On nape of neck: A.M. Germany 362./4.K. Height: 16 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Molded black curls, brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth with red lips and four upper teeth Clothes: These dolls were usually dressed in AfricanContinue reading “Armand Marseille #362”

Hugo Wiegand Bisque and Composition Character Doll

Name: Hugo Wiegand Bisque and Composition Character Made by and When: Hugo Wiegand, circa 1920s or earlier Material: Bisque head, composition body with bent baby legs Marks: (On nape of the neck) H.W. (on the neck) 2-1/2 Height: 14 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black molded texturized hair, weighted brown glass sleep eyes and one-stroke paintedContinue reading “Hugo Wiegand Bisque and Composition Character Doll”

Heubach-Koppelsdorf #399 Character Baby

Name: Heubach-Koppelsdorf #399 Character Baby Made by and When: Heubach-Koppelsdorf, 1920s Material: Bisque head and composition baby-doll body Marks: (On the head) Heubach Koppelsdorf/399·10/0·D·R·G·M/Germany. Height: 9 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Painted, non-texturized black hair; tiny brown glass sleep eyes with hand painted upper and lower eyelashes; closed, full red painted lips; has red dot accentsContinue reading “Heubach-Koppelsdorf #399 Character Baby”

African Man

Name: African Man Made by and When: Possibly German, late-1800s to early-1900s Material: Form of papier-mâché or plaster composition, jointed at shoulders and hips Marks: None Height: 9 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: The hair is Astrakhan or mohair with a curly nap; brown eyes and mouth are painted. Clothes: Original fur strip around the hips;Continue reading “African Man”

Haitian or Jamaican Souvenir Dolls

(Photos and information are courtesy of a museum benefactor.) Name:  Caribbean Dolls of Haitian or Jamaican Origin Made by and When:  Exact source unknown, but handmade for the Caribbean tourist trade, likely between the world wars Material:  Wood Marks:  None Height:  9 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth:  While there are no wigs, the three women haveContinue reading “Haitian or Jamaican Souvenir Dolls”

SFBJ Unis France Doll

Name: SFBJ Unis France Doll Made by and When: Societe Francaise de Fabrication de Bebes et Jouets (SFBJ) of Unis France, circa 1910 Material: Bisque and composition Marks: Unis France 60 (on head) Height: 8-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black mohair wig/black glass stationary eyes/open mouth with four teeth and red lip color Clothes: Multicolored, sewn-on island-styleContinue reading “SFBJ Unis France Doll”

1940s Mask Face Cloth Doll

Name: Mask Face Cloth Doll Made by and When: Unknown maker, circa 1940s Material: Stuffed black twill for the face and black cotton for the limbs and body; the material under the face is firm, possibly made of plastic. Marks: Unmarked Height: 11 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black plush material, black painted eye’s glance toContinue reading “1940s Mask Face Cloth Doll”