Baby Crissy

Name: Baby Crissy Made by and When: Ideal Toy Corp, 1973 and reissued in 1981 Material: Vinyl Marks: ©1972/IDEAL TOY CORP/GHB-H-225 (on head); ©1973/IDEAL. TOY. CORP./GHB/2M-5611 (first issue); the second-issue is marked the same with the addition of the number 2 beneath 2M-5611. Height: 24 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black rooted with a center growing ponytail/black pupil-lessContinue reading “Baby Crissy”

Crissy Grow-Hair Family

Name: Black Ideal Crissy Family, L-R:  Beautiful Crissy, Tressy, Velvet, Tara, Cinnamon Made by and When: Ideal Dolls Beautiful Crissy (1969), Tressy (1971), Velvet (1970), Tara (1976), Cinnamon (1973) Material: Vinyl Height: Crissy and Tressy are 18 inches. Velvet and Tara are 15-1/2 inches. Cinnamon is 12 inches. Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black pupil-less eyes with eyelashes (Crissy,Continue reading “Crissy Grow-Hair Family”

Saralee Negro Doll

Name: Saralee Negro Doll Made by and When: Ideal Toy Corporation, 1951 Material: Vinyl with brown cloth body Marks: Ideal Dolls (on head) Height: 17 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted black curls, brown sleep eyes with eyelashes/open-closed mouth with a molded tongue Clothes: Light blue organdy Ideal-tagged dress, white socks, off-white shoes, replaced blue bonnet Other: OnContinue reading “Saralee Negro Doll”

Saralee’s Sister

Name: Saralee’s Sister Made by and When: Ideal, circa 1952 Material: Vinyl Marks: Ideal Doll/CS17 (on the head); Ideal Doll/P17/o (on the back) Height: 17 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted black curls with a widow’s peak/ brown sleep eyes with eyelashes, open mouth with molded tongue, painted red lips Clothes: Redressed Other: Several different head sculpts wereContinue reading “Saralee’s Sister”