Snowball, a.k.a. Black Grumpy

Name: Snowball, a.k.a. Black Grumpy Made by and When: Effanbee, 1913 Material: Composition head, hands, and forearms; straw-stuffed cloth body, upper arms, and legs; legs covered with red, white, and blue striped fabric Marks: None Height: 12 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted hair with raised curls on forehead and sides of head/brown painted side-glancing eyes/closed mouth Clothes:Continue reading “Snowball, a.k.a. Black Grumpy”

Patsy Kin/Patsy Jr.

Name: Patsy Kin/Patsy Jr. Made by and When: Effanbee, 1930s Material: Composition Marks: EFFANBEE / PATSY JR. / DOLL (on the back) Height: 11 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted black bob with three braids/painted brown side-glancing eyes/closed mouth painted red Clothes: Original Effanbee-tagged red dress, red one-piece underwear, white socks with red stripes, red leather shoes Other:Continue reading “Patsy Kin/Patsy Jr.”

Amosandra/Patsy Baby

Name: Amosandra/Patsy Baby Made by and When: Effanbee, 1936 Material: Composition Marks: EFFANBEE / Patsy Baby (nape of neck and mid-back) Height: 9-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted black hair with three tufts/painted black side-glancing eyes/closed red lips Clothes: Floral-print dress, matching panties, red ribbons in hair; has gold tone Effanbee Patsy Baby Kin bracelet Other: InContinue reading “Amosandra/Patsy Baby”

Celluloid Babies in Bunting

Name: Celluloid Babies in Bunting Made by and When: Unknown maker, made in Japan circa 1930s Material: Celluloid Marks: Japan (stamped on the back of the cardboard that is attached to bunting) Height: 5 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Molded/painted eyes and mouths Clothes: None Other: Dolls are inside their original white flannel bunting that is attached toContinue reading “Celluloid Babies in Bunting”

The Dolly Sisters

Name: The Dolly Sisters Made by and When: Unknown maker, made in Japan circa 1930s Material: Celluloid Marks: None Height: 4 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted hair with pastel ribbons on heads/painted eyes and mouths Clothes: Glued-on pastel suspender skirts made from ribbon, painted-on white socks and red shoes Other: The set includes five celluloid dolls. CelluloidContinue reading “The Dolly Sisters”

1880s Cloth Doll

Photographs courtesy of Deborah Butler-Johnson Name: Circa 1880s Cloth Doll Made by and When: 1880s, handmade Material: Cloth Marks: Unmarked Height: 18 inches Hair/Eyes: Black twisted yarn hair (possibly glued on), painted facial features with a smiling mouth that exposes painted teeth Clothes: Original full-length dress with apron Other: This is a lovely representation ofContinue reading “1880s Cloth Doll”

1920s Composition Doll by Trego

Name: Unknown Made by and When: Trego Manufacturing Company, 1921 Material: Composition Marks: TREGO is written within a rounded rectangle above MADE IN U.S.A. (on the back) Height: 25 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Replaced Shirley-Temple-style wig, replaced acrylic brown eyes; original eyes were probably glass; has an open mouth with four upper teeth Clothes: Replaced dress, pantaloons,Continue reading “1920s Composition Doll by Trego”

Koenig & Wernicke Character Doll ca. 1920s

Name: Unknown Made By and When: Koenig & Wernicke, ca. 1920s Material: Composition Height: 18 inches Hair/Eyes: Flirty brown eyes with real lashes, dark brown original wig, open mouth with tongue & two upper teeth. Clothes: Modern replacements. Other: Koenig (also spelled Konig) and Wernicke were early 1900s German doll makers. Read more about theContinue reading “Koenig & Wernicke Character Doll ca. 1920s”

1870s Black Cloth Doll Pair

Name: Handmade 1870s Black Cloth Pair Height: 19 inches Made By and When: Anna Frances “Fanny” Skinner Henry, ca. 1870s Composition: Black silk was used for their heads, body, and limbs. Hair, Eyes, Mouth: The man has hair made of loops of black yarn. The woman has no hair underneath the headscarf. Eyes are buttons.Continue reading “1870s Black Cloth Doll Pair”