Sweetie Pie

Name: Sweetie Pie Made by and When: Effanbee, 1938-1941 Material: Composition head, arms, legs; cloth body with crier Marks: EFFANBEE (on head) Height: 19 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black lamb’s wool wig/brown sleep eyes with eyelashes/red bow-shaped mouth painted red Clothes: Pink cotton romper Other: Black versions are quite rare. _________ Your comments are valued. Donations aid theContinue reading “Sweetie Pie”

Composition Boy

Name: Unknown Made by and When: Unknown, early 1900s Material: Composition head, arms, and legs; white cloth body, tin eyes, voice box Marks: Unmarked Height: 25-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Painted black hair with sculpted widow’s peak/brown tin sleep eyes with brown eyelashes (eyelashes are missing from one eye)/open, smiling mouth with two upper and two lowerContinue reading “Composition Boy”

Composition Baby Made in England

Photographs courtesy of Karen Kilburn Name: Composition Baby (Made in England) Made by and When: Unknown, circa 1930s-1940s Material: Lightweight composition Marks: Unmarked Height: 20 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted black hair with widow’s peak of curls/side-glancing black painted eyes with a red dot in the inner corner of each/slightly parted dark red lips and painted tongueContinue reading “Composition Baby Made in England”

“Maggie Pearl” by Leo Moss

Photographs courtesy of B. W. Flowers Name: “Maggie Pearl” Made by and When: Leo Moss, 1800s Material: Papier-mâché head, hard plastic body Marks: Unmarked Height: 11 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Tightly curled sculpted hair/inset black glass eyes/closed mouth with muted red painted lips Clothes: Redressed in a red and white gingham dress, white pantaloons and socks, andContinue reading ““Maggie Pearl” by Leo Moss”

Cecilia – Cascelloid/Palitoy

Name: Cecilia Made by and When: Cascelloid/Palitoy, 1938 Material: Plastex (bisque-like composition) Marks: Plastex (on neck), Made in England 46 (on upper back) Height: 18 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted black hair with white ribbon inserted in head slot/brown sleep eyes/open mouth with tongue out of place inside Clothes: Redressed in off-white knit dress, sweater and booties,Continue reading “Cecilia – Cascelloid/Palitoy”

Baby Mine

Name: Baby Mine Made by and When: Ideal Toys, Inc., 1911 Material: Composition head, straw-stuffed brown cloth body, arms, and legs; hands are paw-like without fingers Marks: WA9 or WA [reverse P] Height: 11 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Painted brown/brown painted eyes/open mouth painted pink on the inside Clothes: Blue and white plaid romper has “Ideal BabyContinue reading “Baby Mine”

Peterkin Girl

Name: Peterkin Girl Made by and When: Horsman, 1929 Material: Composition head, arms, and legs; stuffed cloth body Marks: EIH © Inc. (on head) Height: 13 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted black hair in bob style parted to the side/black painted eyes/closed mouth Clothes: Floral print dress, matching bonnet, white underwear; replaced white socks and black shoesContinue reading “Peterkin Girl”


Name: Bingo Made by and When: Horsman, 1910 Material: Composition head; brown velvet body, arms and legs; fingerless paw-like hands Marks: EIH © 1910 Height: 13 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Only traces of black painted hair remain/painted brown eyes/open mouth with molded tongue Clothes: Redressed in blue romper that has a red collar and red cuffs Other:Continue reading “Bingo”

Two Baby Grumpy Dolls

Doll 1 Name: Baby Grumpy (the doll on the left) Made by and When: Effanbee, circa 1922 Material: Composition head and shoulder plate, composition arms and legs, and brown cloth body Marks: Effanbee Dolls Walk*Talk*Sleep (on shoulder plate) Height: 12 Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black sculpted hair/brown side-glancing eyes/closed, downturned mouth with painted red lips Clothes: Pink organzaContinue reading “Two Baby Grumpy Dolls”