Large Armand Marseille #351 Toddler

Name: Large Armand Marseille #351 Toddler Made by and When: Armand Marseille, circa 1925 Material: Bisque socket head on a five-piece composition body Marks: The head is incised A.M. / Germany / 351/7K. Height: 23 Inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black painted hair with sculpted curls around the edges, brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth withContinue reading “Large Armand Marseille #351 Toddler”

Armand Marseille #2542 Composition Baby

Name: Armand Marseille #2542 Composition Baby Made by and When: Armand Marseille, circa 1920s Material: Composition Marks: (Possibly marked) A.M. / 2542 7-1/2-0 Height: 25 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Molded and painted black hair with sculpted curls and Widow’s peak, stationary brown glass eyes, open mouth with two upper teeth Clothes: Redressed in a christeningContinue reading “Armand Marseille #2542 Composition Baby”

Large Heubach-Koppelsdorf #399 Character Baby

Name: Large Heubach-Koppelsdorf #399 Character Baby Made by and When: Heubach-Koppelsdorf, 1920s Material: Bisque socket head, composition body Marks: The head is incised Heubach-Köppelsdorf / 399·6·D·R·G·M / Germany Height: 20 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Painted non-texturized black hair, brown glass sleep eyes with painted upper and lower eyelashes, closed mouth with full red-painted lips Clothes:Continue reading “Large Heubach-Koppelsdorf #399 Character Baby”