The Essence of Lady Sigma

Name: The Essence of Lady Sigma Made by and When: Trinity Designs, Inc., circa 2011 Material: Jointed vinyl Marks: ©2010 TRINITY DESIGNS INC Height: 16 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black synthetic wig pulled back into a low ponytail with a silver crystal-encrusted ponytail holder, painted black pupils with gray irises, closed mouth with glossy dustyContinue reading “The Essence of Lady Sigma”

Special Appearance Violet Waters

Name: Special Appearance Violet Waters Made by and When: Mel Odom for Ashton Drake Galleries (designed by José D’Saenz) Material: Vinyl with articulated elbows and knees Marks: Violet Waters™/©2001 Mel Odom/by Ashton-Drake Galleries Height: 15-1/2 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Dark brown hair styled in a double victory roll and accented with a white orchid onContinue reading “Special Appearance Violet Waters”

Ella Fitzgerald Barbie Diorama

Name: Ella Fitzgerald Diorama Made by and When: Laila Johnson, 2021 Description: Laila Johnson collects Barbies and creates dioramas for them. She began making doll dioramas because she wants her dolls to have their own space to reflect their personality. Johnson built and designed this diorama especially for the Ella Fitzgerald Barbie. She made theContinue reading “Ella Fitzgerald Barbie Diorama”