One-of-a-Kind Maya Angelou

Name: One-of-a-kind Maya Angelou

Made by and When: Debbie Behan Garrett, 2014 (revised in 2015)

Material: Vinyl with mask face made of T-shirt transfer molded over polymer clay

Marks: ©BIG BEAUTIFUL/DOLLS INC. 2000 (on the head); BIG/BEAUTIFUL/DOLLS/INC./©2001 (on the back)

Height: 12 inches

Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black rooted hair pulled up in a curly ponytail/printed photo face of Maya Angelou

Clothes: Two-piece blue dress with matching headwrap made by the late doll collector/blogger/doll storyteller Vanessa Morrison, five beaded necklaces of light blue, red, and dark blue; and five silicone bracelets in various shades of blue.

Other: Dasia by Big Beautiful Dolls, Inc. was used to create this one-of-a-kind Maya Angelou doll. A photograph of Maya Angelou was printed and transferred onto dark T-shirt transfer paper and ironed onto a white T-shirt. The transfer was next attached to a thin polymer clay mold of the original doll’s face. The doll holds a mock copy of Maya Angelou’s seventh and final autobiography, Mom & Me & Mom.

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Published by DeeBeeGee

Doll collector, historian, co-founder of the first e-zine devoted to collecting black dolls; author of black-doll reference books, doll blogs, and doll magazine articles.

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