Harriet Tubman

Name: Harriet Tubman Made by and When: Gloria Y. Rone, 2021 Material: Polymer clay Marks: Signed and dated by the artist Heights: 9-1/2, 12, and 14 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Sculpted headscarves made of polymer clay cover their heads, sculpted and painted facial features, closed mouths Clothes: 9-1/2-inch Harriet: The standing, shortest Harriet is madeContinue reading “Harriet Tubman”

Ida B. Wells Barbie

Name: Ida B. Wells Barbie Made by and When: Mattel, 2021 Material: Vinyl with extra articulation at the elbows, wrists, and knees. Marks: (On the head) ©2011 Mattel; (on left buttocks in gold) HCE80; (right buttocks) ©2016 MATTEL / 1186 MJ, 1, NL / MADE IN INDONESIA Height: 11-1/2 inches on a Curvy Barbie bodyContinue reading “Ida B. Wells Barbie”

Billie Holiday

Name: Billie Holiday Made by and When: Madame Alexander, 1997 Material: Hard plastic Marks: MME / ALEXANDER (on back) Height:  9-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Dark brown wig in upswept style accented with Billie Holiday’s signature side flower/brown sleep eyes, painted lower eyelashes/closed mouth with dark lip color Clothes: Shimmery silver sleeveless full-length gown with a trainContinue reading “Billie Holiday”

Carved Wood Dolls by Floyd Bell

Name: Carved Wood Dolls by Floyd Bell – 1978 to the present About the Artist: Floyd Bell, a master carver and former woodshop instructor, delights in carving wooden dolls. A peg-jointed Victorian-style doll became his first doll in 1978 while attempting to illustrate to his students that something beautiful could be carved from wood. MadeContinue reading “Carved Wood Dolls by Floyd Bell”


Photographs courtesy of Rachel McCullough Sherrod of Starkey’s Daughter Cloth Dolls Name: Amanda Made by and When: Rachel McCullough Sherrod of Starkey’s Daughter Cloth Dolls, 2021 Material: Wool-blend felt face over sculpted polymer clay, stuffed wool-blend felt arms and legs, and stuffed cotton-blend material (for the head and torso) Marks: Signed by the artist, RachelContinue reading “Amanda”


Name: Emmet Made by and When: Starkey’s Daughter Cloth Dolls, 2018 Material: Wool-blend (face, arms, and legs); cotton-blend (head and torso); all stuffed with polyfil Marks: Signed and dated by the artist Height: 20 inches (without the hat) 22 inches (with the hat) Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Dark brown fleece hair/painted facial features with light brown eyes, smilingContinue reading “Emmet”

William Thomas Jr., aka Buckwheat

Name: William Thomas Jr., aka Buckwheat of “The Little Rascals”  Made by and When: Rachel McCullough Sherrod of Starkey’s Daughter Cloth Dolls, 2020 Material: Wool-blend felt (face, arms, and legs); cotton-blend (head and torso) Marks: Signed by the artist Height: 16 inches without the hat; close to 18 inches with the hat Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black fleeceContinue reading “William Thomas Jr., aka Buckwheat”

Flo Jo

Name: Flo Jo Made by and When: L.J.N., 1989 Material: Vinyl Marks: ©1989 L.J.N./MADE IN CHINA (on the body) Height: 12 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Rooted long black hair, painted brown eyes, smiling mouth with painted teeth area Clothes: Wears a fashionable iconic one-legger pink and turquoise track suit; accessories include a gold lamé toteContinue reading “Flo Jo”

Maya Angelou Barbie Diorama

Maya Angelou Barbie Diorama (photos courtesy of Laila Johnson) Made by and When: Laila Johnson, 2021 Description: Laila Johnson collects Barbies and creates dioramas for them. She began making doll dioramas because she wants her dolls to have their own space to reflect their personality. Because Maya Angelou was a writer and poet, Johnson createdContinue reading “Maya Angelou Barbie Diorama”