Tea Bell Mammy

Name: Tea Bell Mammy

Made by and When: Unknown maker, 1940s

Material: Silver tea bell, felt for the hands, cotton fabric for the clothing

Height: 4 inches

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: The top of the handle serves as the head, which is covered with a red scarf tied in the front. The eyes, nose, and mouth are painted on the handle, which serves as the face.

Clothes: Sewn-on full-length green and white check dress, off-white organdy collar that extends to the waist

Other: Using tea bells, dolls depicting mammies were created commercially in the 1940s during the Jim Crow era as a stereotypical depiction of a Black person. A silver bell with a wooden handle was used to create this tea bell mammy. This one has simple facial features while others had exaggerated, demeaning facial features. Tea Bell Mammies were often sold as souvenirs.

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