Zuri an OOAK Cloth Doll

Name: Zuri (named by the owner) Made by and when:  Anny Doll Art, circa 2021 Material:  Cloth Marks: None Height: 12 inches Hair/ Eyes/Mouth: Natural goat hair accented with light pink silk hair ribbons, beautifully painted facial features with acrylic-painted blue eyes, and acrylic-painted red lips Clothes/Accessories: Handmade cotton dress in burgundy and brown trimmingContinue reading “Zuri an OOAK Cloth Doll”

1940s Mask Face Cloth Doll

Name: Mask Face Cloth Doll Made by and When: Unknown maker, circa 1940s Material: Stuffed black twill for the face and black cotton for the limbs and body; the material under the face is firm, possibly made of plastic. Marks: Unmarked Height: 11 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black plush material, black painted eye’s glance toContinue reading “1940s Mask Face Cloth Doll”

OOAK Girl by Robert Zacher

Name: Unknown OOAK Girl by Robert Zacher Made by and When: Robert Zacher, ca. 1990s Material: Stiffened and painted cloth with teddy-bear-jointed arms and legs Marks: ROBERT ZACHER (written across the stomach) Height: 14 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Yarn braids accented with red and yellow ribbons frame the face. The back of the hair is sculpted from overlapped flat discs ofContinue reading “OOAK Girl by Robert Zacher”

Jason by Robert Zacher

Name: Jason, an OOAK doll by Robert Zacher Made by and When: Robert Zacher, July 1990 Material: Stiffened and painted brown cloth with teddy-bear-jointed arms and legs Marks: ROBERT/ZACHER/JULY/1990 (written on the stomach) Height: 15 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black hair is sculpted from flat overlapped discs of polymer clay. Brown painted eyes, painted facial features, and variation in skin toneContinue reading “Jason by Robert Zacher”

George Washington Carver

Name: George Washington Carver Made by and When: Hallmark, 1979 Material: Stuffed cloth Marks: Body tag reads: Hallmark Cds., Inc. / K.D. Mn / Made in Taiwan / 400 DT 113-7 / George Washington Carver Doll / Toy; the reverse side reads, February, 1979. Height: 7-1/2 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Screen-printed hair and facial featuresContinue reading “George Washington Carver”


Name: Lou-Ellen Made by and When: Gloria Young (Rone), Massa’s Servants Collectibles, 2006 Material: Gessoed and painted cloth, decorative beaded joints Marks: GY / 2006 (on the back of the doll’s right leg) Height: 17 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Synthetic hand-applied auburn wig/painted green side-glancing eyes/closed mouth Clothes: Sewn-on, aged floral-print blouse, green skirt with matching vest,Continue reading “Lou-Ellen”


Name: Beatrice Made by and When: Judy Kapron, 2019 Material: Gessoed and painted cloth Marks: Jude Kapron/2019 (on back) Height: 19 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Natural-textured wig styled in multiple braids with pink ribbon accents/brown painted eyes/closed mouth with painted pale pink lips Clothes: Sheer white dress with pink ribbon accents on the bodice, a white slip,Continue reading “Beatrice”

Celley or Calley

Name: Celley or Calley (handwritten on the doll’s neck) Made by and When: Barbara J. Larsen (a.k.a. Barbara Larsen), 1992 Material: Painted and gessoed cloth face, sturdily-stuffed brown cloth body, arms, and legs Marks: (Signed by the artist on the neck) Barb Larsen / 1992 / Celley / 11/16/92. [Celley could be Calley; the handwritingContinue reading “Celley or Calley”