Oil-Painted Cloth Doll

Name: Maya Made by and When: Sue Sizemore, 2016 Material: Oil-painted cloth, alpaca wool Marks: (Handwritten on the back) Maya/Sue Sizemore/2016 Height: 17 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Dark brown alpaca wool hair styled in soft curly bangs with two side pigtails tied with fabric that matches the dress; realistically painted brown eyes and facial featuresContinue reading “Oil-Painted Cloth Doll”

Johnna Art Dolls

Photograph courtesy of Anita M. Ormsby Name: Group of Johnna Art Dolls, Kalamazoo Made by and When: Barbara Thiery Buysse, various years Group Description: The one-of-a-kind dolls in this delightful group of Johnna Art Dolls by Barbara Buysse were made from 1985 to 1992. They are cloth with very expressive oil-painted facial features. Some areContinue reading “Johnna Art Dolls”