Harriet Tubman

Name: Harriet Tubman Made by and When: Gloria Y. Rone, 2021 Material: Polymer clay Marks: Signed and dated by the artist Heights: 9-1/2, 12, and 14 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Sculpted headscarves made of polymer clay cover their heads, sculpted and painted facial features, closed mouths Clothes: 9-1/2-inch Harriet: The standing, shortest Harriet is madeContinue reading “Harriet Tubman”

Dolls by Madelyn McCraney

A Selection of Dolls by Madelyn McCraney of Kuumba Art Design Studio All dolls in this installation are by Madelyn McCraney of Kuumba Art Design Studio, “whose passion, purpose, and heart’s desire are simple; glorify God in all that she does and bring joy to the hearts of her clientele through her uniquely created KuumbaContinue reading “Dolls by Madelyn McCraney”