Käthe Kruse Dolls Sam and Linda

Name: Sam and Linda Made by and When: Käthe Kruse, circa 1980s Material: Lightweight hard plastic heads, stuffed brown stockinette bodies Marks: Cloth “Käthe Kruse” tag is attached to the back of their cloth bodies; they both have swing tags around their necks that read: Original Käthe Kruse Modell Hanne Kruse Made in Germany. Height:Continue reading “Käthe Kruse Dolls Sam and Linda”

Martha Chase Stockinette Boy

Name: Martha Chase Boy Made by and When: Martha Chase, circa 1940s-1950s Material: Stockinette (stuffed vinyl type material for body arms and legs; head uses stockinette over a mold). Marks: None; these dolls had paper labels on their bodies which usually fall off. Height: 14 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Painted black hair/painted brown eyes/closed mouth Clothes: RedressedContinue reading “Martha Chase Stockinette Boy”