Coco, Bernard, and Precious

Name:  Coco, Bernard, and Precious (Crocheted Dolls)

Made by and When:  Creations by Ba’ucham (Ra’chel Ba’ucham), 2018

Material:  Yarn, felt, acrylic eyes, plastic* or synthetic eyelashes, firm inner stuffing

Marks: Each doll has a cloth label that reads, Handmade by: / Ra’chel Ba’ucham / Copyright 2018.

Height: 19 inches (Coco), Bernard (18-1/2 inches), and Precious (18 inches)


Coco is the first deep-complexioned crocheted doll by Ra’chel Ba’ucham of Creations by Ba’ucham.

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Coco has synthetic hair with two side ponytails of multiple double-strand blonde twists; dark brown eyes with white felt irises and applied *synthetic eyelashes which replace the original plastic eyelashes, stitched mouth.

Clothes/Accessories: Wears a crocheted yellow dress trimmed in black, a black jacket, white crocheted undies, and black and yellow crocheted shoes.  Accessories include a yellow beaded bracelet and yellow barrettes in the hair.  Earrings were added by the curator.


Bernard’s clothes and shoes are crocheted on.

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Bernard has mostly black yarn hair styled in locs, some of which are brown, and some are accented with cowrie shells.  Black acrylic eyes with white felt irises, a stitched nose and mouth, and dimpled cheeks create the facial features.

Clothes: Wears crocheted-on clothing of a gold hoodie, denim-blue pants, and burgundy sneakers with white soles. 


At 18 inches tall, Precious is the shortest of the trio of dolls in this installation.

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black yarn hair is styled in four square sections (two on the top sides and two in the back) with spiral crocheted ponytails and crocheted bangs; two mint green crocheted butterflies accent the top-side ponytails; mint green yarn is wrapped around the back two.  Precious has black acrylic eyes, black plastic eyelashes, and crocheted lips. 

Clothes: Precious’ mint green dress has pink, yellow, and white trim; panties and shoes match the trim; wears mint green butterfly-shaped earrings. 

Other: Made without patterns, these dolls are among the artist’s first crocheted dolls. Coco is Ra’chel Ba’ucham’s first deep-complexioned crocheted doll. Coco and Bernard were named by the artist. The curator named Precious. Coco and Precious have crocheted sculpted noses. Each doll has crocheted ears. A signed certificate of authenticity verifies that each doll is a hand-made one-of-a-kind.



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