Bebé Dulzón

Name:  Bebé Dulzón

Made by and When:  Berjusa, 1981

Material:  Soft vinyl face, arms, and legs; rigid vinyl body with a swivel detachable waist

Marks: B. B. / Made in Spain

Height: 28 inches

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Short black curly rooted hair, light brown sleep eyes with attached upper eyelashes, open mouth with pink lips and a center hole to accommodate a pacifier.

Clothes: Wears knee-length white socks with black vinyl lace-up shoes, a blue sweater, and blue short knit pants. The sweater has yellow, green, and red stripes.

Other: Bebé Dulzón, which means “sweet baby” is a battery-operated talker (now mute) that, if like the more modern versions still in production, originally cried when its pacifier was removed and said mommy and daddy in Spanish. The battery compartment is in the upper back and requires two AA batteries. A speaker grill is in the front of the upper chest. Bebé Dulzón has chubby bent baby legs and can sit alone or stand with support. Black versions are quite rare. Girl counterparts were made, and Black versions are as rare as the Black sweet baby boys.

According to the Berjusa Dolls page of the Fabtintoys website, “Since the 1950s the Berenguer family of Spain has been sculpting dolls from their hometown of Castalla, Spain. Up until the early 1990s these dolls were known as Berjusa dolls.

“Since then the company name has changed but the doll collection, now known as Dolls by Berenguer, is still designed by the Berenguer family.”




“Berjusa Dolls.” Fabtintoys,

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