Tiny Tears Lookalike

Name: Tiny Tears Lookalike from England Made by and When: Unknown maker, 1950s Material: Hard plastic Marks: Unmarked Height: 12 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black Astrakhan wig/amber sleep eyes/closed mouth Clothes: Redressed in pink knit dress, bonnet, and pants with enclosed feet _________ Your comments are valued. Donations aid the initiative to preserve Black-doll history.  If you subscribeContinue reading “Tiny Tears Lookalike”

Rosebud Baby

Name: Baby Doll Made by and When: Rosebud, mid-1950s Material: Hard plastic Marks: Rosebud Made in England (on neck) Height: 11 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted black hair combed to the doll’s right side/amber sleep eyes with brown specks/red closed mouth Clothes: Original floral-print cotton dress with matching panties, Cinderella-marked blue vinyl Mary-Jane-style shoes _________ Your commentsContinue reading “Rosebud Baby”

Martha Chase Stockinette Boy

Name: Martha Chase Boy Made by and When: Martha Chase, circa 1940s-1950s Material: Stockinette (stuffed vinyl type material for body arms and legs; head uses stockinette over a mold). Marks: None; these dolls had paper labels on their bodies which usually fall off. Height: 14 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Painted black hair/painted brown eyes/closed mouth Clothes: RedressedContinue reading “Martha Chase Stockinette Boy”

Walking African Girl

Name: Walking African Girl Made by and When: Pedigree, 1950s Material: Hard plastic Marks: Pedigree (on the neck) Height: 16 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black astrakhan wig/brown flirty eyes/red painted lips with two inserted upper teeth Clothes: Period-appropriate red circle-print dress, red Cinderella-marked sandals, gold-tone hoop earrings Other: During the 1950s and prior, Pedigree used very deepContinue reading “Walking African Girl”

African Baby

Name: African Baby Made by and When: Pedigree, 1950s Material: Hard plastic (cellulose acetate) Marks: Pedigree (on the neck) Height: 16 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black astrakhan wig/brown eyes/red painted open lips with two inserted upper teeth Clothes: Redressed as shown, has original gold-tone hoop earrings Other: The doll’s flirty eyes are now stationary. During the 1950sContinue reading “African Baby”

Baby With Attitude

Name: Baby with Attitude Made by and When: Goldie Wilson, 2013 Material: Porcelain with pellet-stuffed brown cloth body Marks: Signed by the artist on lower back Height: 16 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Dark brown natural-textured, floppy wig/brown inset eyes with applied upper eyelashes, painted lower eyelashes/closed mouth Clothes: White antique baby dress, white pantaloons, white headband withContinue reading “Baby With Attitude”

Celluloid Babies in Bunting

Name: Celluloid Babies in Bunting Made by and When: Unknown maker, made in Japan circa 1930s Material: Celluloid Marks: Japan (stamped on the back of the cardboard that is attached to bunting) Height: 5 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Molded/painted eyes and mouths Clothes: None Other: Dolls are inside their original white flannel bunting that is attached toContinue reading “Celluloid Babies in Bunting”

The Dolly Sisters

Name: The Dolly Sisters Made by and When: Unknown maker, made in Japan circa 1930s Material: Celluloid Marks: None Height: 4 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted hair with pastel ribbons on heads/painted eyes and mouths Clothes: Glued-on pastel suspender skirts made from ribbon, painted-on white socks and red shoes Other: The set includes five celluloid dolls. CelluloidContinue reading “The Dolly Sisters”

Leo Moss-Type Dolls

Name: Leo Moss-type dolls Made by and When: Betty Formaz, circa 1980s Material: Porcelain heads and hands; brown knit stuffed bodies, arms, and legs Marks: None Height: 15 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted curls/brown stationary eyes have teardrops falling/parted lips with molded tongues Clothes: Dressed in matching red velour clothing original to the dolls; the boy wearsContinue reading “Leo Moss-Type Dolls”

Russian Nesting Dolls

Name: Authentic 5-piece Russian Nesting Dolls Made by and When: Svetlana Lukina, 2019 Material: Wood Marks: Svetlana Lukina 2019 (handwritten on the lower back base of the tallest doll) Height: The tallest is 7 inches; the smallest is 2 inches. Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Hand-painted facial features, clothing, and scenes on the back Clothes: Hand painted Victorian-era clothingContinue reading “Russian Nesting Dolls”