Leontyne Grace

Name: Leontyne Grace Made by and When: Frantz Brent-Harris of Sona Dolls (2018) Material: Resin Height: 12 inches, full figured Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black curly removable Afro wig/brown painted eyes/closed mouth Clothes: Wears a red and black houndstooth knit dress, belted at the waist with a black patent-leather belt, a gold tone and black beaded necklace, andContinue reading “Leontyne Grace”

She Wears it Well

Name: She Wears It Well Made by and When: Frantz Brent-Harris of Sona Dolls, 2017 Material: Resin and silk with a steel base Height: 3 feet Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Natural texture fibers create an upward Afro/brown painted eyes with applied eyelashes/closed mouth with luscious red-painted lips Clothes: Elaborate headdress of a red slave ship with red chainsContinue reading “She Wears it Well”