Betty and Billy Paper Dolls

Name: Betty and Billy Paper Doll Book Published by and When: Whitman Publishing Company, 1955 Sizes: Betty is 9 inches; Billy is 9-1/2 inches. The paper doll book measures 10 x 12 inches (width x length). Description: Betty and Billy cut-out paper dolls illustrated on the cover of paper doll book #2129 by Whitman representContinue reading “Betty and Billy Paper Dolls”

Torchy’s Togs Paper Doll

Name: Torchy’s Togs Paper Doll Illustrated By: Jackie Ormes Published By and When: Pittsburgh Courier, March 3, 1951 Sizes: The paper doll, Torchy, is 4 inches. The panel measures 5-1/4 x 8 inches. Description: Torchy and four high-end fashions with a description for each are included on this panel. Torchy’s caption reads, “Here we go,Continue reading “Torchy’s Togs Paper Doll”

Articulated Black or African Baby Paper Doll

Name: Articulated Black or African Baby Paper Doll Published By and When: Printed for New England-based, Dennison Manufacturing Company by Littauer and Bauer of Germany, ca. 1885 Size: 9-1/2 inches Description: Die cut doll with limbs secured with brass brads; dolls were printed smiling with closed or open mouths that expose their teeth. These dollsContinue reading “Articulated Black or African Baby Paper Doll”