Taylor Jones

Name: Taylor Jones Made by and When: Ideal Toy Corp., 1976 Material: Posable vinyl with articulated wrists Height: 11-1/2-inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Straight black rooted hair with middle part styled in a low ponytail that changes to auburn with bangs when the skull cap is rotated; brown painted eyes, closed mouth Clothes/Accessory: Tennis fashion hasContinue reading “Taylor Jones”

Tiffany Taylor

Name: Tiffany Taylor Made by and When: Ideal Toy Corporation, 1975 Material: Vinyl Marks: ©1973 (Ideal logo) / CG-19-H-230 / HONG KONG (on the head); 6 /©1974/(Ideal logo) / HOLLIS, N.Y. 11432 / 214-5854-01 (on buttocks) Height: 18 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Swivel skull cap is rooted with black hair with bangs in the frontContinue reading “Tiffany Taylor”

Saucy Makes Faces

Name: Saucy Makes Faces Made by and When: Mattel, 1972 Material: Soft vinyl face; rigid vinyl body, arms, and legs Marks: (Head) ©1972 MATTEL INC MEXICO / 2; (Lower Back) ©1972 MATTEL, INC. / MEXICO / U.S. PATENT PENDING Height: 15-1/2 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Rooted short black hair in a bubble cut style, brownContinue reading “Saucy Makes Faces”

Cricket and Corky

Name: Cricket and Corky Made by and When: Playmates, ©1985 (Cricket) and ©1986 (Corky) Material: Vinyl heads, lower arms, and lower legs; cloth upper arms and legs and body that surrounds the tape recorder in their backs Marks: (Cricket’s head) 9250 / PLAYMATES / ©1985; (cloth body tag) Cricket / ©1986 / 1600 South TrojanContinue reading “Cricket and Corky”


Name: Katiba Made by and When: Marion Forek-Schmahl for Sigikid, 1992 Material: Vinyl (head and limbs), and brown cloth (body) Marks: 8 / Sigikid / 24581 MS / 18/500 Height: 26 inches; the paper dolls measure 7 inches (Katiba) and 8 inches (Wale) Hair, Eyes, Mouth: The black human-hair wig is now styled in multipleContinue reading “Katiba”

Dolls by Beatrice Wright Brewington (B. Wright)

Name: Christine, Debbie, and Other Dolls by Beatrice Wright Brewington (B. Wright) Made by and When: B. Wright Toy Company, Ltd., late 1960s Material: Lyka skin (a type of rigid vinyl advertised as “the closest thing to nature’s cover.”)  Marks: The dolls’ heads are either marked 11 / B. Wright or Beatrice Wright / ©1967.Continue reading “Dolls by Beatrice Wright Brewington (B. Wright)”

Makena Williams and Book

Name: Makena Williams and Book Made by and When: American Girl, 2021 Material: Vinyl head, arms, and legs; cloth body Marks: (Head) ©AMERICAN GIRL; the cloth body tag reads: American Girl / 2017 / REG. NO. PA-9679 (HK) / MADE IN CHINA / SURFACE WASHABLE / LAVABLE UNIQUEMENT EN SURFACE / CE / 1186 MJ,Continue reading “Makena Williams and Book”

Sass ‘n Class Girls Night Out Dolls

Name: Sass ‘n Class Girls Night Out Dolls Made by and When: Annie Lee for Sandy USA, 2004 Material: Vinyl Marks, Complexion, Figure Size: Each doll has a Sass ‘n Class Annie Lee Girls Night Out hangtag with the doll’s series number and name on the back of the hangtag. Each doll has a numberContinue reading “Sass ‘n Class Girls Night Out Dolls”

C. J. Walker

Name: C. J. Walker Made by and When: Madame Alexander, 2011 Material: Hard plastic Marks: ALEXANDER (on the back) Height: 10 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black wig in a pinned up, early 1900s style/brown sleep eyes, painted lower eyelashes/closed mouth with painted red lips Clothes: As described by the manufacturer, the doll wears “a two-piece suit cutContinue reading “C. J. Walker”