Sunsational Malibu Christie

Name: Sunsational Malibu Christie Made by and When: Mattel, 1981 Material: Vinyl Height: 11-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Brown below-the-shoulder-length curly hair/brown painted eyes/closed mouth Clothes/Accessories: Yellow one-piece, orange-trimmed bathing suit; mirrored aviator sunglasses, and a beach towel Other: An illustration of a doll with the Steffie head sculpt is on the lower bottom front of theContinue reading “Sunsational Malibu Christie”

1980 Black Barbie Reproduction

Name: My Favorite Barbie 1980 Black Barbie Reproduction Made by and When: Mattel, 2009 (released in 2010) Material: Vinyl Marks: Unknown (doll remains attached to box liner) Height: 11-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black Afro/brown painted eyes/red painted pursed lips Clothes: Red two-piece shimmery top and skirt. The skirt is longer than the first Black Barbie’s skirt.Continue reading “1980 Black Barbie Reproduction”


Name: Julia Made by and When: Mattel, 1970-1971 Material: Vinyl with Twist ‘n’ Turn waist, bendable legs Marks: ©1966 / MATTEL, INC / U.S. PATENTED / U.S. PAT PEND / MADE IN / JAPAN Height: 11-1/2-inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: The doll’s original dark brown/black rooted hair has oxidized to red. It is styled in a short pixie-styleContinue reading “Julia”