CreativeSoul Photography Disney Princesses

Name:  CreativeSoul Photography Disney Princesses

Made by and When: Disney in collaboration with CreativeSoul Photography, released on February 3, 2023

Material:  Vinyl with the usual five points of articulation plus additional articulation at the elbows and wrists with click-bend knees

Height: 11-1/2 inches

Hair, Eyes, Mouths: Each doll has naturally-textured black-rooted hair styled elaborately as illustrated in the photos. Their brown eyes have painted upper eyelashes and eyeshadow that complements the gown colors. With the exception of Rapunzel, all dolls have closed mouths with painted lips.

Complexions: Cinderella and Rapunzel have medium-brown complexions with yellow or red undertones. Tiana’s complexion is a warmer brown while Snow White (in contrast to the name) has the deepest complexion of all the dolls.

Clothes: Dressed in Afrocentric ball gowns, each doll holds an accessory that fits its princess theme.

Disney Princess doll designed by CreativeSoul Photography
CreativeSoul princess doll inspired by Cinderella

Cinderella: A sky blue gown has a gold and blue African-mask print outlined in black. A silver headband, silver drop earrings, and clear wedge heels (to represent glass slippers) complete the ensemble. A blue band is wrapped around the center of the upswept natural-textured ponytail. A miniature silver carriage is held in the left hand.

Disney Princess doll designed by CreativeSoul Photography
CreativeSoul princess doll inspired by Rapunzel

Rapunzel: The royal color, purple, is the enchanting scheme of this doll’s knee-length gown that has a fuchsia and gold floral print overskirt trimmed in gold brocade. A gold tasseled (plastic) purse and gold high-heel sandals along with a pink and white headband and floral ponytail bands enhance the doll’s fashion statement. Brown microbraids overlap the long, side-swept black ponytail.

Disney Princess doll designed by CreativeSoul Photography
CreativeSoul princess doll inspired by Snow White

Snow White: The royal blue, red, and dark yellow bodice bedazzled with faux rubies atop a dark yellow skirt adds a pop of color to this lovely doll’s gown. Accessories include a matching royal blue, red, and dark yellow headband with an oversized fabric bow; yellow and red hoop earrings; a yellow-red-blue-, and white-collar necklace, and dark yellow high-heel sandals. A bright-red apple is held in the left hand.

Disney Princess doll designed by CreativeSoul Photography
CreativeSoul princess inspired by Tiana–Disney’s first African American princess to be featured in animation

Tiana: Green is the theme of Tiana’s dress. The dark green strapless bodice bears a gold lamé design across the front. Afrocentric printed fabric leaves create the asymmetrical top half of the three-layered skirt. The second layer is a different lighter green print while the bottom layer is light green. A three-layered fabric flower with a faux diamond center accents the waist. Accessories include a gold hair ornament that holds a top section of the hair, green diamond-shaped drop earrings, an antique gold collar ornament, and medium/dark green high heels. A gold-trimmed frog with faux ruby eyes is held in Tiana’s left hand.

Other: In 2009, Princess Tiana became Disney’s first African American Princess to be featured in a leading animated role in the movie The Princess and the Frog. Thanks to the collaboration between CreativeSoul Photography and Disney, this special-edition artist series includes Tiana and three additional Disney princesses reimagined as dolls of color—Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Snow White.

Side panel of CreativeSoul Disney Princess doll boxes
CreativeSoul Photography child models represent Disney Princesses Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Tiana.

Each doll’s costume is a mini replica of the costume of a CreativeSoul Photography child model whose picture appears on the side panel and back panel of each doll’s box. A photo of the back of each doll’s box is included in the gallery photos.

Regis and Kahran Bethencourt of CreativeSoul Photography
Regis and Kahran Bethencourt are the creative forces behind CreativeSoul Photography Disney Princesses.

About CreativeSoul Photography: As illustrated and written on the back panel of each doll’s box, “…husband and wife duo Regis and Kahran Bethencourt,” are “the founders of CreativeSoul Photography. For over a decade, their studio has made it their mission to celebrate youth of color in artistic new ways not often seen. They make this vision a reality by adding Afrocentric design elements to their visuals to show the beauty and strength of diversity.

According to the design duo, “This unique doll collection reimagines what a classic princess could look like through a diverse new lens. To further empower girls of color and show they can be a princess, too, each model stands confidently with naturally textured hair. Then there’s the beautiful African fabrics and jewelry. The choice to add rich colors and textures to the design of the dresses reflects the vibrancy of the culture. The girls also strike a bold pose to show what it’s like to be engaged and empowered.”




~Snow White~



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