Quinn and Rae Cloth Dolls

Name:  Quinn and Rae

Made by and When:  MerchSource, LLC and HarperIman, LLC 2021

Material:  Stuffed cloth and yarn

Marks: Each doll has a gray cloth tag sewn to the upper back that reads, HARPERIMAN™. Both have a HarperIman name tag with the doll’s story on the back of the hangtag.

Height: 14 inches


Hair: Quinn has auburn hair styled in two side yarn pigtails adorned with an orange headband. Rae has loops of shoulder-length black yarn hair underneath a black and white scarf with a spiral knot tied in the front.

Eyes and Mouths: Stitched facial features include black eyebrows, eyes, and nose, and pink stitched mouths.


Clothes: Rae wears a gold, black, and tan ruffled halter top with a five-tiered skirt of the same African print, white lace undies, and black high-top Chucks-style sneakers. Quinn wears an off-white African-print crop top, matching baggy pants, white lace undies, and black high-top Chucks-style sneakers.

Other: Part of the original five-doll set sold at Target stores, online at Target, and FAO Schwarz, the HarperIman mass-produced dolls were created by an African American mother and daughter team whose bio is included on the back of the dolls’ boxes (see the last two gallery photos). HarperIman began making one-of-a-kind linen dolls before offering the mass-produced versions. Each mass-produced doll has a story on the back of its hangtag. Quinn is a lover of all animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Rae enjoys being active and loves sports. Tennis is her favorite.

The other three mass-produced HarperIman dolls from the original five dolls introduced in 2021 are Mia, Yumi, and Imani.

At the time of this installation, hand-made limited edition linen dolls by the HarperIman mother-daughter team are offered through their website, and additional mass-produced dolls are available from select merchants.



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