Joseph and Josi Naber Kids

Name:  Joseph and Josi

Made by and When:  Harald Naber, 1992

Material:  Wood heads, arms, and legs with cloth at the upper arms and leg joints to provide movement of the limbs; the bodies are constructed of urethane.

Height:  20 inches

Marks:  Carved in the heads, Joseph is marked:

284 / Joseph ©1992 H P Naber

Josi is marked:

394 / Josi©1992 H P Naber

Hair, Eyes, Mouth:  Joseph: Light brown yarn hair. Josi: Light brown yarn cornrows with bead accents. Both have side-glancing painted-black pupils with green irises, and closed mouths. Joseph’s eyes glance to his left. Josi’s eyes glance to her right.

Clothing:  Joseph wears a floral-print jacket with matching pants, sun visor, and sandals; a white Naber Kids T-shirt and a multicolored bead anklet on the right ankle. Josi wears a white puffed-sleeved romper, black and white floral-print skirt, multicolored beaded necklace and anklet, and bead earrings. White cotton fabric is stapled to the bodies as a covering.

Other:  Joseph is #284. Josi is #394. Both have a wooden Naber Kids hangtag attached to the right wrist. Josi’s wrist tag is dated 1993. Both also have a signed and numbered passport (certificate of authenticity) tucked inside a black vinyl pouch (Joseph) or a white vinyl purse (Josi). The passport text reads:

Certificate of Authenticity

This is to certify that every ‘Naber Kid’ is an original and the hand carved number behind the left ear matches that of the certificate. The originals of all urethane body parts for each ‘Naber Kid’ were hand carved in wood by H. P. Naber. His carved signature is shown on the back of the neck. This is to certify that each character of the ‘Naber Kids’ is a limited edition that will only be made for 1001 days.



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