Ginnette, Ginny, Vintage Reproduction Dress Me Ginny

Name: Ginnette, Ginny, Vintage Reproduction Dress Me Ginny

Made by and When: Vogue Doll Company, 1972 – 2006

General Description: Jennie Graves, the founder of The Vogue Doll Company, introduced the first Ginny dolls “at the New York International Toy Fair in 1951 to outstanding critical acclaim” (Vogue dolls packaging).  Black Ginny, produced in limited quantities, debuted in 1953 as a strung doll and in 1954 as a walker.  Both dolls have painted lashes.  See a photo of My First Corsage Black Ginny here.

This installation includes a sample of more modern (1980s through 2006) Ginny dolls that fall into the categories of theme dolls, international, and dress-me. Ginnette dolls from the 1970s are also included. Not included are club exclusives, store exclusives, and several other Ginny-themed categories as there are too many to include in one installation.

While Ginny began her doll life at Vogue, the doll dubbed “America’s Sweetheart” was manufactured by other companies during the 1970s and 1980s, e.g. Lesney (1970s) and Dakin (1980s). During the 1990s Vogue Dolls reclaimed sole ownership of the brand. Throughout the years, as illustrated by the dolls in this installation, head sculpts, body sizes, and heights changed.

Images and Detailed Descriptions

Ginette, 1978

Ginnette, 1978

Material:  Vinyl

Height:  8 inches

Ginnette’s Marks:  GINNY ® / VOGUE DOLLS / ©1977 (head); ©1978 VOGUE DOLLS, INC. / MOONACHIE N.J. / MADE IN HONG KONG (back)

Ginnette’s Hair, Eyes, Mouth:  Rooted short black curly hair, amber sleep eyes, closed mouth

Ginnette’s Clothing:  Red A-line dress with anchor appliqué has white sleeves and a mock turtleneck, matching red tam, white tights, red vinyl shoes

Other:  Because of the slim body, Ginnette is often referred to as “Skinny Ginny.”

1978 Ginnette in green suspender pants is shown with two mint-in-package fashions made to fit Ginnette.

In the photograph above, another Ginnette wears the more commonly seen green suspender pants. Two World of Ginny Fashions Asst. 30-1722 released in 1978 by Vogue Dolls (Lesney Products) are included in the picture with Ginnette.


These Ginnys are dressed to represent various themes.

Theme Dolls – A 1986-Marked Ginny, Bride – Black Curls Ginny (1986), Sweet Dreams Ginny (1991), Roller Rink Ginny (1999)

Material:  Hard plastic and soft vinyl

Height:  8 inches

Theme Dolls’ Marks:

  • 1986-marked Ginny – VOGUE® Dolls / ©1986 R. DAKIN & CO/MADE IN CHINA (back)
  • Bride – VOGUE® Dolls / ©1986 R. DAKIN & CO/MADE IN CHINA (back)
  • Sweet Dreams – VOGUE® DOLLS / ©1984 DAKIN INC. / MADE IN CHINA (head)
  • Roller Rink – GINNY® / ©1988/THE VOGUE DOLL COMPANY/MADE IN CHINA (back)

Theme Dolls’ Hair, Eyes, Mouths: (1986-marked Ginny and Bride) long brown curly rooted skullcap, amber sleep eyes, closed mouths; (Sweet Dreams) rooted brown curly hair in upswept style, amber sleep eyes, closed mouth; (Roller Rink) brown ponytail with bangs rooted skull cap, dark brown sleep eyes, closed mouth.

Theme Dolls’ Clothing: (1986-marked Ginny) Light green dress trimmed in lace, white socks, light green shoes—this doll might have been redressed by a former owner; (Bride) white bridal gown, veil, pearl necklace, white tights, white shoes, pink bouquet; (Sweet Dreams) white cotton gown with robe and pantaloons, light blue furry slippers, holds a tan teddy bear; (Roller Rink) red and white striped blouse, red pants, red sunglasses, white roller skates, red hair ribbons


Africa Far Away Lands Ginny, Tropical Adventure Ginny, African Contempo Ginny
Africa Ginny International Collection

Africa Dolls – Africa Far Away Lands Ginny (1972), Tropical Adventure Ginny (1990), African Contempo Ginny (1986), Africa Ginny International Collection (2002)

Material: (Africa Far Away Lands) Soft vinyl head, arms, legs; plastic body; (Tropical, Contempo, and Africa International) all hard plastic

Height:  8 inches

Africa Dolls’ Marks:

  • Africa Far Away Lands – VOGUE DOLLS ©1972 / MADE IN HONG KONG (head)
  • Tropical and Contempo – VOGUE® Dolls / ©1986 R. DAKIN & CO / MADE IN CHINA (back)
  • Africa, International Collection – Ginny® / ©1988 / THE VOGUE DOLL COMPANY / MADE IN CHINA (back)

Africa Dolls’ Hair, Eyes, and Mouths: (Africa Far Away Lands) rooted short black curly hair, amber sleep eyes, closed mouth; (Tropical) short black curly rooted skullcap, dark brown sleep eyes, closed mouth; (Contempo) long brown curly rooted skullcap, amber sleep eyes, closed mouth; (Africa, International) long brown wavy hair with bangs on a rooted skull cap, brown sleep eyes, closed mouth, pink cheek blush

Africa Dolls’ Clothing and Accessories: (Africa Far Away Lands) orange and white Afrocentric dress with green bodice, ribbon necklace; (Tropical) multicolored top, beads, blue and white polka dot scarf with mock white hoop earrings attached, multicolored beaded necklace and bracelet; (African Contempo) multicolored blouse, skirt, hat, lavender ribbon sandals, white comb and brush; (Africa, International) tan, black, burgundy Afrocentric blouse and skirt, white panties, burgundy head wrap, beaded necklace, bare feet, gold “Hi I’m Ginny” hangtag. Doll stand included with Tropical and Contempo.


Dress Me Ginny Dolls

Dress Me Ginny – 1988, 1996, 2004, and 2006 Vintage Dress Me Ginny

Material: (1988) vinyl; (others) hard plastic

Height: (1988 and 2006) 7-1/2 inches; (1996 and 2004) 8 inches

Dress Me Ginnys’ Marks:

  • (1988) VOGUE® DOLLS / ©1984 DAKIN INC. / MADE IN CHINA (head)
  • (1996 and 2004) GINNY® / ©1988 / THE VOGUE DOLL COMPANY / MADE IN CHINA (back)

Dress Me Ginnys’ Hair, Eyes, Mouths: (1988) rooted, short black curly hair, amber sleep eyes, closed mouth; (1996) long, brown rooted skull cap, brown sleep eyes, closed mouth; (2004) rooted skullcap styled in “Shirley Temple curls,” dark brown sleep eyes, closed mouth; (2006) brown wig with bangs and two side braids, dark brown sleep eyes, painted-on lashes; closed mouth

Clothing and Accessories: (1988) Pink satin camisole and panties, white socks and shoes; white comb, brush, and doll stand included. (1996) White sheer teddy, white comb and brush, gold “Hi I’m Ginny” hangtag. (2004) white lace teddy, petticoat; white comb and brush included; “Hi, I’m Ginny” gold heart wrist tag. (2006) white panties, white comb and brush, Vogue Doll hangtag

Dress Me Dolls are now dressed in tagged Vogue outfits and custom-made outfits.

The same dolls as above, dressed – The 1988 and 1996 dolls wear Ginny outfits; the 2004 and Vintage Reproduction Dress Me dolls are dressed in custom-made outfits. 


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