African Legends Janay, Prince Tariq, and Nakia

Name:  African Legends, Janay, Prince Tariq, and Nakia

Made by and When:  Integrity Toys, 2003

Material:  Vinyl

Marks: Prince Tariq’s head is marked ©INTEGRITY 2001 (Janay and Nakia’s marks are inaccessible).

Height: Janay and Nakia are 11-1/2 inches. Prince Tariq is 12 inches.

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Janay has short black-rooted cropped hair. Nakia’s head is covered with an orange head wrap. Janay and Nakia have brown painted eyes and a closed mouth with dark lip color. They use the same head sculpt. Prince Tariq has black flocked hair with a widow’s peak, brown painted eyes, and a closed mouth.

Clothes: Janay wears traditional African clothing of an orange fringed wrap over a brown crop top, an olive and gold full-length skirt, and gold-tone dangle earrings. Gold packaged shoes are in the box. A harvest plate and mask are accessories.

Prince Tariq wears a tribal outfit that includes an animal-print skin draped across his right shoulder and torso. He holds a staff.

Nakia wears an orange head wrap, a sparkly gold strapless top, a full-length brown wrap skirt with orange trim; a gold fabric necklace, gold bracelets, anklets, and earrings. The package includes an African mask and gold shoes.

Other: This Integrity Toys African Legends series was produced when the company’s chief focus was multicultural toys for children. Their focus later moved toward high-end fashion dolls for adult collectors.

The back of Janay and Nakia’s boxes describes the African Legends Tale of Two Sisters (the subtitle of this series) as follows.

African Legends

The tale of the two sisters

When the king decided that it was time for his son Prince Tariq to select a wife, a message was sent to all the nearby villages with the happy news.  Proud fathers from all over were invited to introduce their daughters to the prince; however, every citizen of the Serengeti agreed that old Barumba’s daughters were the most beautiful they had ever seen.

Janay, the kind and generous sunshine girl was everyone’s favorite in the running, but all knew too well that her evil twin sister, Nakia, although equally enchanting, was self-centered and devious… She would certainly do anything to win the Prince’s heart, even cast mysterious spells that only she knew the secrets to!

Who will be the chosen one?  You decide!



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