14R High-Heel Bride and Others

Name: 14R High-Heel Bride and Others

Made by and When: Several different companies sold dolls marked 14R, which is a stock number; the dolls were sold from the mid-1950s through the 1960s.

Material: Soft vinyl head, rigid plastic body with joints at the usual five points of articulation (head, arm sockets, and leg sockets).

Marks: The featured bride is marked 14R on the back of the head just beneath the hairline. The featured bride’s body is unmarked.

Height: 19 inches (other 14R-marked dolls vary in size from 17 to 19 1/2 inches.)

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Brown-rooted hair styled in a bubble cut, brown sleep eyes with upper lid-attached bristle eyelashes and painted lower eyelashes, closed mouth; (the other featured dolls have different hair styles and colors as illustrated).

Clothes: Satin ivory bridal gown with V-neck embellishment has lace trim at the neck, sleeves, and at the edge of the skirt in the front. Two vertical ribbons accent the netting which is the second layer of the skirt. The third layer of the skirt is satin. The netting of the veil is attached to a strip of lace-trimmed satin. A crinoline mesh pinned-on half-slip, white knit panties, white vinyl high-heel shoes, pearl drop earrings, and a white floral bouquet complete this doll’s bridal fashion statement.

Other: According to page 138 of Black Dolls an Identification and Value Guide 1820 to 1991 by Myla Perkins (Collector Books, 1993), “Dolls marked 14R are a collection of glamour dolls made between 1957 and 1965.  It is not a company mark.  Dolls marked 14R were sold undressed to a variety of companies who then dressed and marketed them.” In addition to brides, these dolls were dressed in evening gowns and other elaborate fashions. Perkins continues, “Companies known to have used the 14R doll were Bell, Deluxe Reading, Eegee, Natural, Rita Lee, Royal, and Sayco.  In some cases, other marks were added to the 14R.  An example of this is [a] doll marked 14R-1.  Some dolls with this mark are known to have been made by Eegee.” 

In addition to Royal, a very informative website devoted to 14R dolls written by Dolly Kruger also attributes 14R dolls to Roberta and Natural. Additionally, Adanta Novelties Corporation also sold dolls marked 14R on the heads. Additionally, their dolls have a raised A on the lower back.

14R dolls (often referred to as 1950s high-heel fashion dolls or Miss Revlon-type dolls) were less-expensive alternatives to Ideal’s more popular Miss Revlon that was made in a variety of sizes. Black Miss Revlon dolls, however, have not been documented. Yet, Black 14R dolls were plentiful and many can be found today on the secondary market. The companies that made the 14R-marked dolls are applauded for their inclusivity.

When 14R-marked dolls were made, other companies made similar high-heel fashion dolls using their own marks and variations in head and body sculpts. To see similar dolls with different marks, visit the 14-R and Other 50s-60s Black High Heels Fashion Dolls Pinterest board.

Images of the Featured Doll

Images of Additional 14R-marked Dolls


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