Thompson’s Molded Cloth Dolls and Sun Klub Kids

Name: Thompson’s Molded Cloth Dolls and Sun Klub Kids

Made by and When: Carla Thompson, 1991-2008

Material: Fabric and felt over composition

Marks: Unless otherwise stated, all dolls have handwritten hangtags and are hand-signed by the artist as indicated below:

Liberty Jane Harris

Liberty Jane Harris (back) ©91 / Carla Thompson / NIADA; (hang tag front) Thompson’s Molded Cloth Dolls an American Tradition; (hang tag back) “Liberty Jane Harris” / ©91 / no. 46 of 50


Ruthie (incised in the neck) “Becky” / ©92 / Carla Thompson; (hangtag, typewritten) “Ruthie” ©92 / designed by / Carla Thompson / style Red Check / no. 7 – this is the only doll that is made of composition only. It is uncertain if Ruthie was made by someone named Becky using a Carla Thompson mold or if this mold was originally used by Thompson for a doll named Becky.


Callie (back) ©92 / Carla Thompson / NIADA; (hangtag, front) Thompson’s Molded Cloth Dolls an American Tradition; (hangtag, back) “Callie” / ©92 / no. 42 of 100

Sun Klub Kids

Sun Klub Kids (handwritten on their backs) ©2008 / Carla Thompson

Height: Liberty Jane Harris, Ruthie, Callie, the taller Sun Klub Kids, and the smaller Sun Klub Kids are 12, 10, 11, 17, and 9 inches, respectively.

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Thompson’s Molded Cloth Dolls and the smallest Sun Klub Kids doll have brown or black mohair wigs. The 17-inch Sun Klub Kids doll has a brown synthetic wig. Liberty Jane Harris and Ruthie have two short braids. The 17-inch Sun Klub Kid doll’s long brown hair hung loose originally; it is now styled in several double-stranded twists with bangs. Callie and the smallest Sun Klub Kids doll have short hair. All have painted brown eyes. Except for the taller Sun Klub Kids, the dolls have open/closed mouths with molded tongues. Liberty Jane Harris has upper and lower painted teeth. Ruthie has painted upper teeth.

Clothes: Liberty Jane Harris wears a light blue floral-print dress, an off-white pinafore, off-white pantalettes, black stockings, and brown boots. Ruthie and Callie wear red and tan gingham dresses, tan pinafores, black stockings, and black boots with mock side buttons. Callie wears tan pantalettes and has an off-white lace headband. The 17-inch Sun Klub Kids doll wears a peach polka dot dress, white panties, and off-white faux leather T-strap shoes with cutouts at the toes. The smaller Sun Klub Kids doll wears a red and white gingham sundress, a matching diaper and bonnet, white socks, and red patent-leather shoes.

Other: Carla Thompson is a retired member of the National Institute of American Doll Artists whose character dolls of fabric and felt over composition are very expressive. In 2008, the artist created the Sun Klub Kids line of dolls with heads cast in unbreakable latex composition covered in suede cloth with suede cloth bodies. Ruthie and the 9-inch Sun Klub Kids doll have articulated knees. The Sun Klub Kids have mitten hands with only a thumb while the original Thompson’s Molded Cloth Dolls have five digits on each hand. The smaller Sun Klub Kids doll is the artist’s first dark-skinned doll of this size in this line.



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