Fresh Dolls

Name: Fresh Dolls (Wave 1), Fresh Squad, Aria, and Froggy

Made by and When: World of EPI; Deluxe Sets Gabrielle, Indigo, and Jacqueline hold a 2017 copyright. The Basic Dolls’ copyright is 2017. Fresh Squad, Aria, and Froggy hold a 2018 copyright.

Material: Articulated vinyl

Marks: Mia’s head is marked 2017 EPI. Mia’s back is stamped 062017 / HUALA. In raised letters on Mia’s back is ©2017 / WORLD OF EPI / 2017 / MADE IN CHINA.

Tamra’s marks are the same as Mia’s with the exception of the stamped number on the back, which is 052017.

All other accessible dolls’ marks are nonvisible because they are in the never removed from box state.

Height: The Fresh Dolls are 11-1/2 inches. The Fresh Squad dolls are 12 inches tall.

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: The Fresh Dolls have rooted hair in different hair colors, styles, and textures. In the Fresh Squad, Anthony is bald. Malik has black micro braids. Daniel has a rooted high-top fade. The dolls have varying shades of brown painted eyes. Their mouths are closed.

Clothes, Hair texture, and Skin Tone: As illustrated and captioned in the following groups of pictures.

The Deluxe Set

The Deluxe Set from the first release or Wave 1 includes Gabrielle, Indigo, and Jacqueline.  Each doll comes with an extra fashion, one pair of shoes, and a purse. The front of each box is personalized with the doll’s name.

The Basic Dolls

The Basic Dolls from Wave 1 include Lynette, Mia, and Tamra wearing a Fresh fashion and shoes without additional accessories. The lower front of each box bears the doll’s name.

The Fresh Squad

Released in 2018, the Fresh Squad includes Anthony, Malik, and Daniel. Unlike the Deluxe Set and Basic female dolls, the Fresh Squad dolls have extra articulation at the elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.


Among other dolls, Aria was added to the Fresh Dolls line in 2018. Like the other Deluxe Set dolls, Aria has an extra fashion, an extra pair of shoes, and a purse. The lower front of the box bears Aria’s name.


Fashioned after LaToya Moore-Broyles, the creator of the popular YouTube channel, My Froggy Stuff, the Fresh Dolls, Froggy, was also a 2018 release. This doll’s head sculpt was revised moderately. The head size is smaller and the face is slightly fuller than the first wave of Fresh Dolls.

Dr. Lisa, CEO and Founder of World of EPI is shown in this photo from the back of a Fresh Doll’s box.

Other: Designed by Dr. Lisa, the founder and CEO of World of EPI, the Fresh Dolls entered the market in October 2017.  This collection of dolls was designed to have more realistic faces, bodies, skin tones, hairstyles and textures, and clothing to represent girls and women of color. The Fresh Dolls have the usual five points of articulation. Additionally, the elbows and knees are articulated. The Fresh Squad dolls have 13 points of articulation including the elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.

Slideshow (Unless otherwise indicated, photos are courtesy of the Black Doll Collecting blog.) Use the arrows to advance to the next slide.

Read more about the Fresh Dolls and Dr. Lisa here.


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