Peg, Nan, Kay, Sue Paper Dolls

Name: Peg, Nan, Kay, Sue Paper Dolls

Published by and When: Western Publishing Company, Inc.; Whitman Publishing Company, 1966

Sizes: Including the stands, the dolls stand 10 inches. The book measures 10 x 13 inches (width x length).

Description: The cover of this paper doll book #1995-59 illustrates four teen girls playing with paper dolls. Nan holds a Black paper doll. Peg (the Black teen) and Kay cut out paper doll clothes while Sue is illustrated with two paper doll clothing sheets. Sue appears in deep thought. Thirty-one full-color punch-out outfits and accessories were originally included. All dolls and fashions in this particular book were punched out by a previous owner with 33 clothing items remaining.

Other: The inside covers illustrate Sue and Kay talking on the phone and Nan and Peg talking to each other by phone. The doors of the two illustrated wardrobes open. There is a missing carry pocket designed to store the dolls’ clothes. For a 1966 paper doll book, this one is unique because of its inclusivity. It features four girls with different complexions and a White teen playing with a Black paper doll.



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