Name: Mixis Made by and When: YNU Group, 2007 General Description: Representing individuals of mixed ancestry, the Mixis dolls are 12-inch fashion dolls made of vinyl by YNU Group of Toronto, Ontario. Opal is of Ghanaian and British descent. Rosa’s mom is Latina and her dad is Jewish. Emerald’s mix is Black American, Japanese, andContinue reading “Mixis”

Baby Georgia and Dreamkid Bear

Name: Baby Georgia and Dreamkid Bear Made by and When: Heidi Otti, 2000 Material: Vinyl head, arms, and legs; stuffed, pellet-weighted brown knit body. Marks: (Head) Signed and handwritten by the artist, Heidi Ott 2000 76/250 Incised in the head below the artist’s signature is Heidi Ott® Height: (Georgia) 29 inches; (Dreamkid Bear) 11 inchesContinue reading “Baby Georgia and Dreamkid Bear”

Angela by Cre8tiv Glory

Name: Angela Made by and When: Gloria Grandy of Cre8tiv Glory Designs, acquired in 2017 Material: Cloth Marks: Unmarked Height: 20 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Handmade Afro wig of synthetic fibers, hand-painted and needle-sculpted facial features with brown painted eyes, closed painted mouth Clothes: Dressed in faux fur zebra dress with black wet look belt,Continue reading “Angela by Cre8tiv Glory”