Name: Mixis

Made by and When: YNU Group, 2007

General Description: Representing individuals of mixed ancestry, the Mixis dolls are 12-inch fashion dolls made of vinyl by YNU Group of Toronto, Ontario. Opal is of Ghanaian and British descent. Rosa’s mom is Latina and her dad is Jewish. Emerald’s mix is Black American, Japanese, and First Nations (indigenous Canadian). Houda’s Mix is French and Lebanese.

The imited-edition dolls (the 1st edition) are articulated in the usual five places (neck, upper arms, and upper legs with bendable knees). The Sunshine dolls (second edition) have extra articulation at the elbows and bendable knees.

Mixis dolls encourage exploration and acceptance of other cultures. Their fuller lips and fuller hips result in realistic facial features and proportionate bodies. When positioned properly on a level surface, they can stand without the aid of doll stands.

With the exception of Sunshine Opal with curly hair, all have rooted hair.  Curly haired Opal has a non-removable wig. Their clothing is fashionable, everyday wear, and very well made as are the dolls. Each doll has its own identity, history, likes, and dislikes.  No two Mixis are alike. The dolls are well presented in a durable box with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Mixis have separately-sold fashions. (These dolls, however, are no longer being manufactured.)


  • Limited-Edition Dolls – (Head) YNU Group Inc./TM8c ©2007; (lower back)©2006 YNU Group, Inc./China
  • Sunshine (2nd Edition) Dolls – (Head) YNU Group Inc./TM8c ©2007; (lower back) ©2007 YNU Group, Inc./China

Hair, Eyes, Mouths:

Sunshine Opal with straight hair, Limited-Edition Opal, and Sunshine Opal with curly hair are illustrated in this picture.

Limited-Edition Opal and Sunshine Opal: Honey blonde rooted straight hair; Sunshine Opal #2 has a honey blonde spiral curled wig. Each Opal has brown painted eyes, tan eyeshadow, painted upper and lower eyelashes, and closed mouths.

Limited-Edition Rosa

Limited-Edition Rosa: Wavy brunette hair that extends to the midback; blue painted eyes, closed mouth

Sunshine Emerald

Sunshine Emerald: Straight black waist-length rooted hair; dark brown eyes with pink eyeshadow, painted upper eyelashes; closed mouth

Sunshine Houda

Sunshine Houda: Long reddish-blonde rooted straight hair; painted blue eyes, pink eyeshadow, painted upper and lower eyelashes; closed mouth


  • Limited-Edition Opal:  Wears an orange tank top with a turquoise shrug, denim pants, and white bikini underwear, has two pairs of black shoes (flat pumps and high heel sandals with wedge heels); tan knit skull cap; black faux leather backpack, silver drop earrings have a turquoise gemstone; certificate of authenticity (COA) indicates this doll is #181/1000.
  • Sunshine Opal (both versions):  Turquoise dress, white bikini underwear, silver wedge-heel sandals with silver ribbon ankle ties, floral-print cloth purse, silver stud earrings, has numbered certificates—straight-hair Opal’s COA is numbered 1477/1500; curly haired Opal’s COA is numbered 0514/1500. In one of the gallery photos, Sunshine Opal with curly hair models the separately-sold Rockabilly Girl fashion, and straight haired Sunshine Opal models the separately-sold Apres Ski fashion.
  • Limited-Edition Rosa: Wears belted denim mini skirt, light blue tank top, brown shrug, blue crocheted skull cap, brown knee-high boots, has extra pair of black ankle-strap sandals with wedge heels, brown backpack, and faux diamond drop earrings.  COA is numbered 779/1000.
  • Sunshine Emerald: Pink floral-print sheath lined with white silk has a zippered closure in the back, pink wedge-heel sandals with ribbon ankle ties, a pink hobo-style faux leather purse, and silver diamond-shaped stud earrings. In one of the gallery photos, Emerald also models a limited-edition Asian-inspired Mixis fashion that includes a burgundy jacket, a yellow sleeveless dress with a knee-length mermaid hemline, and burgundy mules that are from the separately-sold Mixis fashion, Piao Liang. Emerald also models the Piao Lang fashion in one of the gallery photos. COA is numbered #2988/3000.
  • Sunshine Houda: Wears a brightly colored mint green and light blue sundress, handmade espadrilles, matching light blue shoulder bag, silver stud earrings. Has certificate of authenticity.



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