Princess Tiana Dolls

Name: Princess Tiana Dolls Various Makers

Made by and When: Licensed by Disney for Funko, Hasbro, Jakks Pacific, Mattel, Robert Tonner; made between 2009-2021

Material: A mixture of all vinyl, vinyl and cloth, or resin

Height: Sizes range from 3 inches to 18 inches tall.

Hair, Eyes, Mouth: The smallest dolls and ornament have molded and sculpted hair. Prince Naveen and his stand-in Prince Staveen* have molded hair. The playscale (Barbie-sized) dolls, the 14-inch toddler, Robert Tonner’s 16-inch doll, and the 18-inch version have rooted hair styled as illustrated with crowns either attached or included in the box. All eyes are brown, and all dolls are portrayed smiling with painted teeth.

Clothes: The iconic Princess Tiana lily pad green dress is worn by most dolls which is either removable fabric or sculpted and painted on. Other dolls wear variations of the lily pad dress or a blue ball gown.

Other: Since the 1937 release of Disney’s first animated princess, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the franchise was without an African American princess for 72 years until the release of the 2009 movie, The Princess and the Frog, making Princess Tiana Disney’s first animated African American Princess. Seventy-two years! The dolls illustrated in this installation comprise only a few of the several variations of Princess Tiana dolls available since 2009. Princess Tiana dolls have been portrayed in various stages of the animated character’s life – as a baby, a toddler, and a grown woman. The wedding set that includes an African American prince was created by this museum’s curator as a one-of-a-kind set using Mattel’s Steven doll (friend of Ken). Steven was aptly renamed Prince Staveen by the curator.

Gallery with captions and descriptions for each image:

2009 Mattel Princess Tiana Dolls

2009 Mattel Princess Tiana dolls: Princess Tiana in green lily pad ballgown, Just One Kiss Princess Tiana (blue ballgown—this version talks to the accompanying frog; her soon-to-be prince), and Princess Tiana in a molded-on green dress.

Just One Kiss Princess Tiana

2009 Mattel Just One Kiss Princess Tiana (courtesy of Telisa Spain)

The Princess and the Frog Wedding Giftset, a Target exclusive

2009 Mattel Princess Tiana Wedding Set, a Target exclusive (courtesy of Telisa Spain)

Princess Tiana Toddler and My First Disney Princess Baby Tiana

2009 Mattel The Princess and the Frog Tiana (14-inch toddler in green dress) and undated Jakks Pacific My First Disney Princess Baby Tiana, made of vinyl with a soft huggable body. The baby has brown sculpted hair, brown painted eyes, and wears a yellow dress with green frog print.

The Princess and the Frog Princess Tiana, Prince Staveen Wedding Set is a one-of-a-kind

2009 Disney/Mattel The Princess and the Frog Princess Tiana, Prince Staveen Wedding Set (*Prince Naveen was removed, undressed, and replaced with a Mattel’s Steven to serve as Princess Tiana’s African American Prince).

Disney Store articulated Princess Tiana

2009 Disney Princess Tiana, 12-inch all-vinyl articulated doll wears the green lily pad ball gown.

18-inch Princess & Me Tiana

2010 Disney/Jakks Pacific, Disney Princess & Me Princess Tiana, an 18-inch all-vinyl version of Princess Tiana wears a green ballgown, tiara, earrings, satin slippers; includes a magazine, certificate, and enveloped invitation.

Princess Tiana by Robert Tonner

2010 Tonner Dolls Princess Tiana, a 16-inch, all-vinyl doll, wears a full-skirted mint green ballgown, tiara, full-length gloves, and green shoes. This doll is articulated at the elbows and knees.

Princess Tiana resin ornament

2010 or 2011 Disney Princess Tiana ornament is a fully sculpted figural ornament dressed in a green tulle gown with iridescent glitter accents, green satin ribbon for hanging; made of resin, 5-1/2 inches tall.

Disney Princess Designer Collection Disney Store-Exclusive Princess Tiana and a Princess Tiana ornament

2011 Disney Princess Designer Collection, Disney Store-Exclusive Tiana, a 12-inch fashion doll, photographed with the same Princess Tiana ornament described above, has dramatic makeup and rooted eyelashes, flower hair accessory, strapless petal-shaped bodice with rhinestones, full flowy skirt and flower with rhinestone center detail and beaded strand accent at waist, jeweled frog accessory, presented in a special keepsake display case with intricate details on the base including a gold plate with Tiana’s name, includes Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Edition of 4000 (#0686).

Princess Tiana by Madame Alexander

2011 Madame Alexander, 8-inch Wendy as Princess Tiana wears a light green and yellow dress that replicates the lily pad dress worn by the Princess Tiana character, includes a green frog.

Mini Toddler Tiana

2016 Jakks Pacific Mini Toddler Tiana, all-vinyl 3-1/2-inch doll with molded Afro puff hairstyle and molded silver crown has molded-on green dress and shoes, and is posable.

Disney Princess Romance Series Naveen and Tiana

Circa 2020 Funko, Disney Princess Romance Series Naveen and Tiana, 3-inch resin figures of Disney characters Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen presented in a giftbox with a heart-shaped cellophane opening on the front (not shown). The tan box bottom has a gold-embossed print and images of all the characters in this series.

Disney Style Series Princess Tiana

2021 Hasbro, Disney Style Series Tiana; 12-inch doll with multiple points of articulation has upswept black rooted hair adorned with a green headband with a white floral accent; has brown painted eyes, thickly rooted eyelashes, a smiling mouth with painted teeth area; wears a glamorous light green gown with ruffled short sleeves and mermaid-style layered petal hemline, holds a white clutch bag that has a plastic floral accent, and wears white high-heel shoes; a beautiful illustration of the doll is on the back of the box (see final image).

Disney Style Series Princess Tiana (back of the box)


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