Shani and Friends Video

Please enjoy The Marvelous World of Shani: Mattel’s First “Ethnically Correct” Black Dolls video below. Tidbits and detailed history of the Shani line and other Black friends of Barbie throughout the past four decades are discussed and illustrated. _________ Your comments are valued. Donations aid the initiative to preserve Black-doll history.  If you subscribe to DeeBeeGee’sContinue reading “Shani and Friends Video”

Shani and Her Friends

Name: Shani and Her Friends Asha, Nichelle, and Jamal Made by and When: Mattel, 1991 Material: Vinyl Height: 11-1/2 inches (Shani, Asha, and Nichelle); 12 inches (Jamal) Hair/Eyes/Mouth: All three have rooted, wavy textured hair with bangs. Shani and Nichelle have long black hair; Asha has long auburn hair. Their large eyes are painted brown.Continue reading “Shani and Her Friends”