Sleepy Baby

Name: Sleepy Baby

Made by and When: Shackman, late 1950s to early-1960s

Material: Stuffed stocking face and hands; cloth body, arms, and legs

Marks: Unmarked

Height: 6-1/2 inches

Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Dark brown bangs (a red cap covers the rest of the head)/stitched closed eyes and stitched mouth with a red circle painted over the stitching.

Clothes: Red knit cap and long-sleeved blouse; turquoise and white check pants that cover the feet

Other: At least three Black Sleepy Baby versions were made by Shackman that date back to the 1950s. A 1950s version with open eyes came in a box labeled “Colored Girl Doll.” These dolls were sold in five-and-dime stores. Handwritten in pencil on the top of this doll’s box is the original price of $2.00.

Published by DeeBeeGee

Doll collector, historian, co-founder of the first e-zine devoted to collecting black dolls; author of black-doll reference books, doll blogs, and doll magazine articles.

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