Articulated Black or African Baby Paper Doll

Name: Articulated Black or African Baby Paper Doll Published By and When: Printed for New England-based, Dennison Manufacturing Company by Littauer and Bauer of Germany, ca. 1885 Size: 9-1/2 inches Description: Die cut doll with limbs secured with brass brads; dolls were printed smiling with closed or open mouths that expose their teeth. These dollsContinue reading “Articulated Black or African Baby Paper Doll”

Calypso Bill and Calypso Jill

Name: Calypso Bill and Calypso Jill Made by and When: Dee an Cee Company, circa 1960 Material: Soft vinyl heads, rigid vinyl bodies Marks: DEE CEE (on the heads) Height: 15 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Calypso Bill has texturized, sculpted, and painted black hair. Calypso Jill’s texturized, painted black sculpted hair is styled in twoContinue reading “Calypso Bill and Calypso Jill”

Pete and Polly

Name: Pete and Polly Made by and When: Horsman, 1957 Material: Stuffed vinyl with jointed heads and one-piece vinyl bodies. Polly’s legs are wired for posing; Pete’s are not. Marks: No visible marks Height: 13 and 12 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Pete has texturized sculpted and painted black hair. Polly’s texturized, sculpted black hair isContinue reading “Pete and Polly”

Rubber Doll with Topknot

Name: 1930s Rubber Doll with Topknot Made by and When: Allied Grand Doll Manufacturing Company, Inc., 1938 Material: Rubber with jointed arms and legs; legs are slightly bent at the knees Marks: Allied Grand Doll / MFG. CO. INC. 1938 Height: 6-1/2 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Sculpted and painted black hair with a sculpted topknotContinue reading “Rubber Doll with Topknot”

Two Early 1900s Composition Character Dolls

Name: Two Early 1900s Composition Dolls Made by and When: Unknown manufacturer, early 1900s Material: Ceramic-like composition Marks: Unmarked Height: 20 and 13 inches Larger Doll’s Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black Astrakhan bangs. The rest of the bald head is covered with a faded red headscarf; stationary, side-glancing blue eyes accented with a red dot inContinue reading “Two Early 1900s Composition Character Dolls”


Name: Olympia Made by and When: Leasa “Tutu” Souza, 2021 Material: Papier-mâché head with painted composition arms and legs, and a cloth body Marks: Tutu (on the back) Height: 21 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Texturized papier-mâché black hair with curls in the front, brown glass eyes from Germany, pouty down-turned mouth with three tears streamingContinue reading “Olympia”