Kestner #245 Hilda

Name: Kestner #245 Hilda Made by and When: J. D. Kestner, 1914 Material: Brown bisque socket head on brown fully-jointed composition slant hip toddler body Marks: G Made in / 11.Germany / 245 / JDK JR 1914 / CM circle / Hilda Height: 17 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Original plaster pate black wig, brown glassContinue reading “Kestner #245 Hilda”

Bye-Lo Baby

Name: Antique German Bisque Head Bye-Lo Baby Made by and When: Grace S. Putnam, ca. 1922 Material: Bisque head, brown cloth “frog” body, composition hands Marks: The head is marked COPR. BY GRACE S. PUTNAM GERMANY Height: 11 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Painted black hair, brown glass stationary eyes with painted upper and lower eyelashes,Continue reading “Bye-Lo Baby”


Name: Katiba Made by and When: Marion Forek-Schmahl for Sigikid, 1992 Material: Vinyl (head and limbs), and brown cloth (body) Marks: 8 / Sigikid / 24581 MS / 18/500 Height: 26 inches; the paper dolls measure 7 inches (Katiba) and 8 inches (Wale) Hair, Eyes, Mouth: The black human-hair wig is now styled in multipleContinue reading “Katiba”