C. J. Walker

Name: C. J. Walker Made by and When: Madame Alexander, 2011 Material: Hard plastic Marks: ALEXANDER (on the back) Height: 10 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black wig in a pinned up, early 1900s style/brown sleep eyes, painted lower eyelashes/closed mouth with painted red lips Clothes: As described by the manufacturer, the doll wears “a two-piece suit cutContinue reading “C. J. Walker”

Billie Holiday

Name: Billie Holiday Made by and When: Madame Alexander, 1997 Material: Hard plastic Marks: MME / ALEXANDER (on back) Height:  9-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Dark brown wig in upswept style accented with Billie Holiday’s signature side flower/brown sleep eyes, painted lower eyelashes/closed mouth with dark lip color Clothes: Shimmery silver sleeveless full-length gown with a trainContinue reading “Billie Holiday”

18-Inch Dolls by Alexander Dolls

Name: 18-inch Dolls by Alexander Dolls Made by and When: 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, and 2019 Material: Vinyl heads, upper torsos, arms, and legs. The rest of the body is cloth. Marks on Each: Mia Bella—(Head) Alexander Doll Company/©2004; Alexander Doll Company (on body tag) [a copyright year of 2007 was on the doll’sContinue reading “18-Inch Dolls by Alexander Dolls”


Name: Cynthia Made by and When: Madame Alexander, 1952 Material: Hard plastic Marks: 23-inch doll (marked with an A on the head); 18-inch doll (Alexander on head); 15-inch doll (unmarked) Height: 23, 18, and 15 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black wigs/brown sleep eyes with eyelashes/closed mouths painted in variations of red and pink. Clothes: The dolls wereContinue reading “Cynthia”

Leslie by Madame Alexander

Name: Leslie (Polly and Elise head sculpts) Made by and When: 1965 through early-1970s Material: Vinyl with rigid plastic body Marks: The Polly head sculpt is marked on the nape of the neck: ©ALEXANDER DOLL CO. INC. / 1965. The nape of the neck of the doll that uses the Elise head sculpt is markedContinue reading “Leslie by Madame Alexander”