Melanites Jaylen Action Pal

Name: Jaylen Action Pal Made by and When: Melanites, 2017 Material: Jointed vinyl Marks: ©2017 Melanites (on the upper back) Height: 18 inches (slim bodied) Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Black curly synthetic wig, brown stationary eyes with brown upper eyelashes, closed mouth with brown painted lips Clothes: Blue and gray striped T-shirt, khaki cargo pants, redContinue reading “Melanites Jaylen Action Pal”

Brains and Beauty Nia

Name: Nia Made by and When: Brains and Beauty Dolls, 2021 Material: Artist-doll-type vinyl head, arms, legs, and breastplate; the dark brown cloth mid-torso houses a removable voice box in a zippered back section. Marks: Body tag reads: Brains and Beauty Dolls 2021 / Distributed by: Brains and Beauty Dolls, LLC / Voorhees, NJ 08043,Continue reading “Brains and Beauty Nia”

By the Sea Maya

Name: By the Sea Maya, a 73rd UFDC Convention exclusive Made by and When: Ruby Red Fashion Friends, 2021 Material: String-jointed vinyl with nine joints Marks: On the head: 14 – 6 – 3 MP05 Height: 14 inches (Maya); 4 inches (her doll) Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Removable blonde-streaked brown curly wig, brown stationary hazel eyesContinue reading “By the Sea Maya”

Peggy Pen-Pal

Name: Peggy Pen-Pal Made by and When: Horsman Dolls, Inc., 1970 Material: (Face) Soft vinyl; (body, arms, and legs) rigid plastic, jointed at the elbows and waist Marks: (Head) 25/HORSMAN DOLLS, INC./19©70; (upper back) HORSMAN/DOLLS/INC./© (Box) Style No. 7001 Height: 18 inches Hair, Eyes, Mouth: Dark brown saran rooted hair is styled in two sideContinue reading “Peggy Pen-Pal”

Ida B. Wells Barbie

Name: Ida B. Wells Barbie Made by and When: Mattel, 2021 Material: Vinyl with extra articulation at the elbows, wrists, and knees. Marks: (On the head) ©2011 Mattel; (on left buttocks in gold) HCE80; (right buttocks) ©2016 MATTEL / 1186 MJ, 1, NL / MADE IN INDONESIA Height: 11-1/2 inches on a Curvy Barbie bodyContinue reading “Ida B. Wells Barbie”

Playhouse Dolly Cut-Outs Jo and Shirley Doll Cutout Book

Name: Playhouse Dolly Cut-Outs Jo and Shirley Doll Cutout Book Published By and When: Samuel Lowe Company, 1969 and circa 1970 Sizes:  Jo is 7 inches. Shirley is 7 inches including the attached stand top. Jo’s book measures 7-1/4 x 10 inches. Shirley’s book measures 6 x 9 inches. Description: Jo’s book is numbered 1839.Continue reading “Playhouse Dolly Cut-Outs Jo and Shirley Doll Cutout Book”

Betty Paper Doll Book and Stand-up Doll with Sew-On Dresses

Name: Betty Paper Doll Book and Stand-up Doll with Sew-On Dresses Published By and When: Lowe ©1968 James and Jonathan and Samuel Lowe Company circa 1970 Sizes: The dolls are 11 inches tall. Betty’s book measures 8-1/4 x 12 inches. The stand-up doll’s package measures 6-1/4 x 12-1/4 inches. Description: Lowe used the same illustrationContinue reading “Betty Paper Doll Book and Stand-up Doll with Sew-On Dresses”

Peg, Nan, Kay, Sue Paper Dolls

Name: Peg, Nan, Kay, Sue Paper Dolls Published by and When: Western Publishing Company, Inc.; Whitman Publishing Company, 1966 Sizes: Including the stands, the dolls stand 10 inches. The book measures 10 x 13 inches (width x length). Description: The cover of this paper doll book #1995-59 illustrates four teen girls playing with paper dolls.Continue reading “Peg, Nan, Kay, Sue Paper Dolls”