Diana Ross (Three Versions)

Name: Diana Ross Made by and When: Mego (1977), Ideal (1969), Mattel (2003) Material: Vinyl and rigid plastic Marks: (Mego) MOTOWN RECORD / CORPORATION (on head); MEGO CORP. 1975 / Made in Hong Kong on body. (Ideal)1968 Ideal Toy Corp DR-18-H148 (head); 1969 Ideal Toy Corp GH-18 US Pat. #3,162,976 (on buttocks) Height: 12-1/4, 18,Continue reading “Diana Ross (Three Versions)”

Grown Up Tammy

Name: Grown Up Tammy Made by and When: Ideal Toys, 1965 Material: Vinyl Marks: 1965 / Ideal / 7-12 (on right hip) Height: 12 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Brown rooted hair/brown side-glancing eyes/painted red lips Clothes: White-trimmed turquoise romper, white vinyl shoes Other: Ideal created this slender Tammy that could wear some of Barbie’s clothes. The originalContinue reading “Grown Up Tammy”

Swim Set Baby Zuri

Photographs courtesy of Karen Kilburn Name: BabyZuri Made by and When: Shindana Toys/1975 Material: Soft vinyl Marks: SHINDANA TOYS 1972 / DIV.OPERATION BOOTSTRAP INC. Height: 13 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Brown sculpted curls/black painted eyes with brown irises/drink and wet mouth with painted lips Clothes: Two-piece swim suit and overskirt, bare feet Other: Includes an inflatable swan;Continue reading “Swim Set Baby Zuri”

Baby Zuri

Photographs courtesy of Karen Kilburn Name: Baby Zuri Made by and When: Shindana Toys/1972 Material: Soft vinyl (light, medium, and dark vinyl versions were made; a white Baby Zuri was also made). Marks: SHINDANA TOYS 1972/DIV.OPERATION BOOTSTRAP INC. Height: 13 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black or brown Sculpted curls/black painted eyes with brown irises/drink and wet mouthContinue reading “Baby Zuri”

Slade Super Agent

Name: Slade Super Agent Made by and When: Shindana Toys, 1975 Material: Vinyl Marks: Shindana Toys / ©1975 Height: 9-1/2 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted Afro/brown painted eyes/closed mouth with mustache Clothes: Orange shirt, brown faux leather short jacket, brown faux leather pants, black boots Other: Attaché case (black vinyl bag) contains a cardboard box that illustratesContinue reading “Slade Super Agent”

Career Girl Wanda

Name: Career Girl Wanda Made by and When: Shindana Toys, 1972 Material: Vinyl with bendable knees and jointed waist Marks: ©1972 SHINDANA TOYS / HONG KONG (on buttocks) Height: 9 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black curly rooted hair in “shag” style/brown painted eyes with rooted eyelashes/parted lips with painted teeth Clothes: Light green belted mini dress withContinue reading “Career Girl Wanda”

Baby Nancy

Photographs courtesy of Karen Kilburn Name: Baby Nancy Made by and When: Shindana Toys/1968 Material: Vinyl Marks: DIV OF/OPERATION BOOTSTRAP, INC. U.S.A. / ©1968 SHINDANA (on head) Height: 13 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Black rooted hair/brown painted eyes/drink and wet mouth with painted pink lips Clothes: Dressed in a variety of brightly colored dresses and panties, bareContinue reading “Baby Nancy”

Baby With Attitude

Name: Baby with Attitude Made by and When: Goldie Wilson, 2013 Material: Porcelain with pellet-stuffed brown cloth body Marks: Signed by the artist on lower back Height: 16 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Dark brown natural-textured, floppy wig/brown inset eyes with applied upper eyelashes, painted lower eyelashes/closed mouth Clothes: White antique baby dress, white pantaloons, white headband withContinue reading “Baby With Attitude”

Leo Moss-Type Dolls

Name: Leo Moss-type dolls Made by and When: Betty Formaz, circa 1980s Material: Porcelain heads and hands; brown knit stuffed bodies, arms, and legs Marks: None Height: 15 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Sculpted curls/brown stationary eyes have teardrops falling/parted lips with molded tongues Clothes: Dressed in matching red velour clothing original to the dolls; the boy wearsContinue reading “Leo Moss-Type Dolls”

Russian Nesting Dolls

Name: Authentic 5-piece Russian Nesting Dolls Made by and When: Svetlana Lukina, 2019 Material: Wood Marks: Svetlana Lukina 2019 (handwritten on the lower back base of the tallest doll) Height: The tallest is 7 inches; the smallest is 2 inches. Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Hand-painted facial features, clothing, and scenes on the back Clothes: Hand painted Victorian-era clothingContinue reading “Russian Nesting Dolls”