Baby Whitney

Name: Baby Whitney Made by and When: Lomel Enterprises, Inc., 1985 Material: Vinyl with cloth body Marks: ©1985 LOMEL ENT. INC. / P.O.BOX 252 / WASH. D.C. 20013 / FIRST EDITION / BABY WHITNEY™ (on head) Height: 21 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: Dark brown rooted curly hair/brown painted eyes/open-closed mouth Clothes: Dressed in original tagged Baby WhitneyContinue reading “Baby Whitney”

Leslie by Madame Alexander

Name: Leslie (Polly and Elise head sculpts) Made by and When: 1965 through early-1970s Material: Vinyl with rigid plastic body Marks: The Polly head sculpt is marked on the nape of the neck: ©ALEXANDER DOLL CO. INC. / 1965. The nape of the neck of the doll that uses the Elise head sculpt is markedContinue reading “Leslie by Madame Alexander”

Twinkie a.k.a Last Dolls Test Dolls

Name: Twinkie (black and white versions) Made by and When: Effanbee, 1968 Material: Vinyl Marks: 14 / EFFANBEE / 19©68 / 2500 (on heads); EFFANBEE / 19©68 / 2808 (on upper backs) Height: 16 inches Hair/Eyes/Mouth: The black doll has molded black hair and brown sleep eyes. The white doll has molded brown hair andContinue reading “Twinkie a.k.a Last Dolls Test Dolls”